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Christy Norris Spruemaster 1.5 Kw
Rotary Cutting Knives To Reduce Size, 150 X 75 mm. Feed Port, Chamber Size 250 mm Dia. X 50 mm Deep.
Item Ref: N8336-11
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Bentall Mill Model Bha17 4 Kw
Mild Steel Mill 70 mm X 60 mm Feed Port To 60 mm Dia Fan Assisted Outlet 4 Kw 6000 Rpm Belt Drive.
Item Ref: N8161-11
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Alpine M/S Forplex Mill Type B250u
Mild Steel Mill, Universal Mill Forplex Type Rotor And Stator. 11 Kw 6300 Rpm Drive. No 16560. Mounted On Bed Plate As A Complete System With Vibro Feeder & Hopper To Mill With Hopper Discharge. Mounted With Dust Collection Socks.
Item Ref: N7839-11
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Crockett S/S Granulator 250mm Dia. No. 3
Stainless Steel Reciprocating Granulator 250mm Dia Occilating rotor with 215mm X 150mm inlet mounted 1,410mm height with 140mm Dia outlet,  with 960mm ground clearance.
Overall size 980mm X 1,000 mm X 1,650mm tall.
Item Ref: S8036-11
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Tria Granulator Type 300/Man
250mm Dia X 300mm Face with 15 kW Belt Drive. 330mm X 250mm Feed. Overall size 800mm X 1,000mm X 1,800mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9375-11
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Guttridge Twin Roll Macerator M/S
Mild Steel Twin Roll Macerator. Two Stage Macerator Each Roll with 22 Rotating Fixed Knives 250mm Dia X 680mm Face with 2 Off 7.5 kW 2,900 Rpm Drive Motors. With 500mm X 500mm In/Outlets. Overall unit size 1,560mm X 1,100mm X 850mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10140-11
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AB Hammer Mill M/S 11Kw
Mild Steel Hammer Mill 260mm dia x 260mm face with 300mm x 150mm feed chute. Driven by 11kW 1460 rpm belt drive. Overall size 1100mm x 750mm x 2600mm tall.
Item Ref: N9936-11
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Granulator Hosokawa Alpine Type RO 28/40 15 kW
Mild Steel Rotor 280 mm Dia x 400 mm Face with 3 rows of Rotor Knives and 2 rows of Static knives
Item Ref: ND-12601-11
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300 L Cetema ST350N Vibratory Deburring , Polishing & Finishing Bowl
Mild Steel coated bowl 1800 mm dia with 250 mm x 220 mm inlet and 320 mm x 300 mm overall size 1900 mm x 1900 mm x 1900 mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-11883-11
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Hosakawa Micron Type MDH -3 M/S Swing Hammer Mill With Cyclone Separator
Mild Steel Swing Hammer Mill With Cyclone Separator Type MDH-3 18.5 & 55 kW Drives.
Item Ref: ND-12504-11
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Mikropul Model 2Dh
Stainless Steel Body With Mild Steel T-Shaped Hammer Rotors. Screw Feed Mill With 22Kw Drive.
Item Ref: RC1020A-11
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Hosokawa Alpine Spiral Fluid Energy Jet Mill Type AS Aeroplex Type 315AS
Stainless Steel Vertical housing with 315 mm dia Grind zone chamber with no moving parts 40 mm - 20 mm dia Venturi Powder feed plus 15 off adjustable air feed nozzles with  PTFE liner

Item Ref: ND-12651-11
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