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Products in Grinders Dry Miscellaneous 7 Items

Mikro Disintegrator For Cells
Item Ref: S9543-59
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Pot Roller Rack For Drum Up To 30Mm.Dia
Variable Speed, Single Phase Drive
Item Ref: S8027-59
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Pilamec Vibratory Mill, S/S
40 mm Dia. X 500 mm Long, 2 Pass, 186 Watt, 2880 Rpm
Item Ref: N7188-59
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Glen Creston High Speed Mixer Mill
Type M280. Takes 100 Ml In Container & Vibrates & Shakes
Item Ref: S8007-59
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Hebei Pingle Flour Roll Mill 6F
Mild Steel Rolls 200mm Dia X 400mm Face With 5.5Kw Belt Drive Overall Size 1000mm X 850mm X 1700mm Tall
Item Ref: N10538-11
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300 L Cetema ST350N Vibratory Deburring , Polishing & Finishing Bowl
Mild Steel coated bowl 1800 mm dia with 250 mm x 220 mm inlet and 320 mm x 300 mm overall size 1900 mm x 1900 mm x 1900 mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-11883-11
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1200Mm Dia Sweco Vibro Energy Mill Dm10
Vibro Energy Grinder Mixer Mill 1200mm Dia X 400mm Deep With 200mm Dia Inlet. 100mm Dia Outlet. 4Kw 3 Ph Motor. Machine No. 572037.
Item Ref: N9900-10
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