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British Filters Nellie Type Pse 60 Fs
Stainless Steel Pressure Filter 610 dia. 660mm deep, mounted on Mild Steel Frame. Quick Release Door.    Serial No. V243,38  Plates Approx 11.1 Sq. M.
Item Ref: N4693-18
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British Filters Disc Type Clarifiers
17 Ebonite Discs 250 mm Dia. Mounted Vertically In Base With Screw Closing
Item Ref: N3559-18
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14 M.Sq Eimco M/S Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter
Mild Steel Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter 1,800 mm Dia x 2,500 mm face trough feed with Knife discharge 
Item Ref: 11513
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15 L S/S Domnick Hunter Cartridge Filter Type VSL 32 CTV
Stainless Steel Chamber 190mm dia x 540mm deep with 50mm dia in/outlet. OP 7 Bar at 140 Deg. C
Item Ref: 12016-18
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Sparkler Filter R/Lined Model 12-18
Rubber Lined Vessel 500mm.Dia 460mm.Deep With Plate Stack 38mm.In & Outlet Standing On 3 Legs & Platform Giving 450mm.Ground Clearance From Outlet
Item Ref: S9303-18
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20L Pal Cartidge Filter Type SS5006G31H4
Stainless Steel Cartridge filter with approx 4 cartridges 50mm dia x 500mm deep.  Mounted in quick release chamber 210mm dia x 550mm deep dish top and bottom with 50mm dia in/outlets rated 10.3 Bar 140 deg. C
Item Ref: 12015-18
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20L S/S Domnick Hunter Cartridge
Stainless Steel Chamber 190mm dia x 800mm deep with 50mm dia in/outlet. OP 7 Bar at 140 degree C
Item Ref: 12061-18
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Carlson Durco S/S Pressure Filter PLF 12/24 22Sq M
Stainless Steel Vessel 610mm Dia 1600mm High Dished Top And Bottom With 12 Off 600mm Dia Filter Plates Standing On 3 Legs.Filter Area 22 Sq M.Cake Volume 100L Working Capacity 450 L.75 Psi Working Pressure 120 Psi Test Pressure Model PLF-12/34
Item Ref: N8078-18
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Sparkler Filter Plastic Coated M/S
Model 18 With Quick Release Swing Over Lid 450 mm Dia 4 Off Plates.Pipework Valves And Gauges Labour S/S Pump 1.5 Kw Flameproof All Mounted On Trolley Base
Item Ref: S9719-18
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Leitz S/S Pilot Size Pressure Filter
100 Dia. 175 mm Deep Mounted On S/S Stand
Item Ref: S7760-18
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25 Mm S/S Rotary Filter 0.75 Kw, Flp
Stainless Steel Rotary Filter With 25 mm Connections, 150 Dia. 200 mmdeep. 0.75 Kw Flameproof Drive
Item Ref: N3673-18
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40 L S/S Basket
Stainless Steel For Filtering Or Draining. 360 mm Dia X 470 mm Deep With 5 mm Perforations To Base And 300 mm Up Side.
Item Ref: S10061-18
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