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Sartorius S/S Membrane Filter
Stainless Steel Filter With Quick Release Clamps,Filter Aera 112mm.Dia
Item Ref: S9125-56
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S/S Duplex basket filter

Stainless Steel Duplex Filters with 32mm dia RJT fittings with two 100mm dia x 200mm deep filter baskets

Item Ref: N10678-18
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3.5 Sq.m mild steel basket filter
Mild steel chamber 610 mm dia x 1,300mm deep with swing bolt lid 3 off 100 mm dia flanged connections 50 mm dia base connection.
Item Ref: 12261-18
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8L FHD S/S Vertical Cartridge Filter
Stainless Steel Chamber 160mm dia x 390mm deep with 50mm dia in/outlet. 
OP 10 Bar at 140 deg. 
Overall height 500mm
Item Ref: 12117-18
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10L S/S Vertical Cartridge Filter Type MSS - 5003 - ABA
Stainless Steel Chamber with 50mm dia in/outlets overall height 690mm
Item Ref: 12043-18
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10L Stella Meta Filter S/S Model 2629-4
Stainless Steel Vertical Candle filter with 4 candles mounted in a chamber 10L 180mm dia x 430mm with 80mm deep cone to 50mm dia outlet with bolt removable top, 25mm dia inlet and product outlets mounted on trolley frame.
Item Ref: 11548-18
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15 L S/S Domnick Hunter Cartridge Filter Type VSL 32 CTV
Stainless Steel Chamber 190mm dia x 540mm deep with 50mm dia in/outlet. OP 7 Bar at 140 Deg. C
Item Ref: 12016-18
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20L Pal Cartidge Filter Type SS5006G31H4
Stainless Steel Cartridge filter with approx 4 cartridges 50mm dia x 500mm deep.  Mounted in quick release chamber 210mm dia x 550mm deep dish top and bottom with 50mm dia in/outlets rated 10.3 Bar 140 deg. C
Item Ref: 12015-18
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20L S/S Domnick Hunter Cartridge
Stainless Steel Chamber 190mm dia x 800mm deep with 50mm dia in/outlet. OP 7 Bar at 140 degree C
Item Ref: 12061-18
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Leitz S/S Pilot Size Pressure Filter
100 Dia. 175 mm Deep Mounted On S/S Stand
Item Ref: S7760-18
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25 Mm S/S Rotary Filter 0.75 Kw, Flp
Stainless Steel Rotary Filter With 25 mm Connections, 150 Dia. 200 mmdeep. 0.75 Kw Flameproof Drive
Item Ref: N3673-18
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40 L S/S Basket
Stainless Steel For Filtering Or Draining. 360 mm Dia X 470 mm Deep With 5 mm Perforations To Base And 300 mm Up Side.
Item Ref: S10061-18
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