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Merrill Filter Press Pump 112Lpm 100 Psi
Type 25, 50 mm Connections, 2.2 Kw Drive, Mild Steel Contact Parts, Piston Pump With Pressure Control
Item Ref: N6439-18
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Brit Filters Polishing Press 180Mm Plate
Aluminium Coated Recess Plates To Give 11 Polishing Chambers 180mm X 180mm X 8 mm Deep. 2 Off Port Press With 19mm Dia Connections. Hand Closure.
Item Ref: N9659-18
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Carlson Plastic Filter Press 190 X 190Mm
With 3 Plates & 3 Frames
Item Ref: S5487-56
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Carlson Aluminium F/ Press 20 Cm Plates
6 Aluminium Plastic Coated Plates With 19mm.Inlet And Outlet. Can Be Used As Plate And Frame Style Or For Polishing
Item Ref: S7773-56
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Johnson C/I Filter Press 200Mm.Sq Plate
Cast Iron Press. Mechanical Screw Closure With 6 Off Frames 200mm.Sq.
Item Ref: N8659-18
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Farrow Jackson F/Press Frame 300 Mm.Sq.
Filter Press Frame For 275 mm Square Plates Complete With S/S Geared Pump
Item Ref: N5387-18
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Carlson S/S Polishing F/Press 380Mm Sq
Filter Press Fitted With 10 Off 380mm X 380mm Polishing Plates With 4 Off 25mm Connections With Pump.
Item Ref: S9271-18
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Morgan Poly Prop Polishing Press 380 Mm
29 Polypropylene Plates 380 X 380 mm Square 38 mm Connections. Mounted On Frame With Hand Held Closure
Item Ref: N7251-18
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Br Filter Polyprop Press 380 X 380 Mm
35 Polishing Plates With 4 25 mm Ports. Mounted In Steel Frame
Item Ref: N5869-18
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British filter filter Press 390 mm Square 36 plates
British filter filter Press 390 mm Square 36 plates
With 390 mm x 390 mm plates 28 mm deep 4 off  port 25mm dia , with mechanical closure, with a Mono pump type SH20 feed pump, mounted on a mild steel frame 1,900 mm x 810 mm x 1,900 mm tall 

Item Ref: ND-12583-18
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Filter Press Frame S/S 400 Mm 4 Port
Hand Screw Closure To Be Fitted With 10 New Polypropylene Plates Each 3 L Cake Capacity. Mounted On Wheels Unit Price With New Plates Asis Price With No Plates
Item Ref: N7073-18
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Filter Press Frame 400 Mm Square All S/S
All Stainless Steel On Casters. 4 Port. Hand Screw Closure Frame Type Fsm400-90 To Be Fitted With 15 New Polypropylene Plates Each 3 L Capacity. Alternative Plates Can Be Fitted Unit Price With Plates Asis Price With No Plates
Item Ref: N7072-18
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