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4500 L S/S JKTD Enclosed Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel With Mild steel Water Jacket Tank 1810 mm dia x 1810mm deep with 150 mm deep cone bottom to 100 mm Dia outlet. Flat top with 460 mm Charge port, 2 off 150 mm dia 4 off 50 mm dia inlets bottom side oval manway 520 mm x 460 mm mounted on stub legs to give overall height 2200 mm.
Item Ref: ND-11950-04
4500 L Pfaudler Jktd Gls/Ld Vessel
Ah Series Reactor Base 1830 Dia,1630 mm Deep With Dished Bottom To 100mm Outlet. 4 X 20 mm Tantalum Plugs And Sleeved Outlet
Item Ref: N6878-04
5000L S/S Jktd Open Top Mixer Tank
Stainless Steel 1/2 Coiled Tank 1780mm Dia X 2100mm Deep To Dish Bottom With 100mm Dia Bottom Outlet With Side Mounting Brackets
Item Ref: RC1209-04
5,500L S/S Enc Jktd Pasilac Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Enclosed Water Jacketed Tank with Rockwool Insulation Stainless Steel Clad 2,000mm dia X 1,700mm Deep Cone Top 500mm with 420mm dia Manway, 100mm dia Vent, Various Inlets, Side Sample Port and Flange to Suit Side Entry Stirrer. Dish Bottom with 120mm Dia and 75mm dia Outlet Connections. Mounted on 4 Stainless Steel Legs to give Overall Height 3,000mm.
Item Ref: N10522-04