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2200L S/S JKTD Enclosed Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Jacketed mixing tanks 1400mm dia x 1500mm deep with dish bottoms to 38mm dia BSP bottom outlet mounted on 4 legs to give 800mm ground clearence. with Stainless Steel Bolt removable lid. Overall size 1550mm dia x 2650mm tall made by Feldmeirer Equip WP 30 PSI TP 45 PSI          
Item Ref: N10944-04
2200 L S/S Open Top Tank .
Stainless Steel Tank 1400 mm Dia X 1450 mm Deep Flat Sloping Bottom To 75mm Dia Outlets With 5M.Sq Surface Area Of Heating /Cooling Coil 40mm Od X 760mm Dia 18 Turns To Be Mounted In Mild Steel Frame.Made By Skerman 316 St/St
Item Ref: N8166-04
2500L S/S Open toped JKTD Mixing Tank

Stainless Steel Jacketed mixing tank 1550mm dia x 1500mm deep dish bottom to 75mm dia RJT outlet mounted on 3 legs to give 700mm ground clearance overall height 2640mm

Item Ref: N10730-04
2520L S/S Open toped JKTD Mixing Tank

Stainless Steel jacketed open top tank mixing tank 1500mm dia x 1500mm deep with 150mm deep dish bottom to 50mm outlet with 4 off side mounting pads.

Item Ref: N10735-04
2900 L S/S Vessel With Internal Coil
1220 Dia. 2600 mm Deep. Dish Top & Bottom With 100 mm Dia. Outlet. Top With 125 , 3 X 100 & 75 mm Dia Inlets. With Internal Stainless Steel Coil 50 mm. O.D., 6 Turns. Coil Test Pressure 200 Psi.
Item Ref: N6714-04
2925 L S/S Vertical Encl. Jktd Tank
S/S With M/S Jacket. 1300 Dia X 2200 mm Deep. Dish Top/Bottom To 38 mm Outlet. 2 X 230, 63 & 32 mm Conns/Inlet, With Off-Centre Agitator Mounting Flange With Bottom Side Mounted Oval Manway 420 X 300 mm. Jacket W.P. 3.2Bar. On 4 Legs.
Item Ref: N7862-04
3300 L S/S Water Jktd Vert Enclosed Tank
Stainless Steel Vessel With Mild Steel Zero Pressure Jacket. 1395M/M Dia X 2200M/M Deep.Various Top Connections With 2 Off 50 M/M Dia Bottom Outlets
Item Ref: N8015-04
4500L S/S Enclosed Tank Internal Coil
Stainless Steel 1800mm Dia X 1800mm Tall. Dish Top And Bottom To 100mm Dia Bottom Outlet. Top With 310mm Dia, 2 Off 100mm Dia And 2 Off 50mm Dia Inlets. Side With 400mm Dia Side Manway. 6 Off 50mm Dia Connections With 1600mm Dia Side Mounting Pads
Item Ref: N9722-04
4500L M/S Gls Open Top Pan
Mild Steel Glass Lined Jktd Pan 1930mm Dia X 1525mm Deep Dish Bottom With 75mm Dia Outlet Mounted On 4 Legs.
Item Ref: RC1330-04
4500 L S/S JKTD Enclosed Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel With Mild steel Water Jacket Tank 1810 mm dia x 1810mm deep with 150 mm deep cone bottom to 100 mm Dia outlet. Flat top with 460 mm Charge port, 2 off 150 mm dia 4 off 50 mm dia inlets bottom side oval manway 520 mm x 460 mm mounted on stub legs to give overall height 2200 mm.
Item Ref: ND-11950-04
4500 L Pfaudler Jktd Gls/Ld Vessel
Ah Series Reactor Base 1830 Dia,1630 mm Deep With Dished Bottom To 100mm Outlet. 4 X 20 mm Tantalum Plugs And Sleeved Outlet
Item Ref: N6878-04
5000L S/S Jktd Open Top Mixer Tank
Stainless Steel 1/2 Coiled Tank 1780mm Dia X 2100mm Deep To Dish Bottom With 100mm Dia Bottom Outlet With Side Mounting Brackets
Item Ref: RC1209-04