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550L Skerman S/S Hemispherical JKTD Pan
Stainless Steel Hemispherical inner vessel with outer mild steel jacket 1,140mm dia x 920mm deep with center bottom outlet 50mm dia BSP  Mounted on 4 off mild steel legs to give 360mm ground clearance. With overall height of 1,420mm
Test pressure 80 PSI working pressure 40 PSI 
Item Ref: ND-11614-04
550L S/S M/S JKTD Hemispherical pan
Stainless Steel Hemispherical pan. With Mild Steel Bolt removable Jacket. 1,050 mm Dia x 1,000 mm deep with 25 mm dia bottom center outlet. Mounted on 4 legs to give 360 mm ground clearence. Overall height 1,640mm

Item Ref: ND-12226-04
600L S/S JKTD Enclosed Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Jacketed mixing tanks 1,070mm dia x 700mm deep with dish bottoms to 25mm dia BSP bottom outlet mounted on 4 legs to give 400mm ground clearance. With center fixed bridge 180mm wide, with hinged lids on both sides of the bridge
Overall size 1,200mm dia x 1,350mm tall  made by Feldmeier Equip WP 30 PSI TP 45 PSI         
Item Ref: N10942-04
680 L S/S Open Top Jktd Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel 910 Dia X 1370 mm Deep On Straight,460 mm Deep Coned Bottom,Standing On 3 Legs 300 mm Ground Clearance
Item Ref: N2123-04
700 L S/S Jacketed Enclosed Mixer Tank
Stainless Steel tank with mild steel  atmospheric water jacket 800 mm dia 1,700 mm deep  cone base to 50 mm dia outlet with 4 baffles and a paddle stirrer. Overall height 2050mm tall. 
made by Websters
Item Ref: ND-12633-04
850 L S/S Vessel With Coil Jacket
1165 mm Dia X 800 mm Deep Dished Bottom. With 2 X 50 mm Dia Bottom Side Outlets With 3 Turns Of 1/2 Coil With 50 mm Connections. With Lid Standing On Three Legs. Overall Height 1232 mm. Design Pressure 150 Psi. Hyd Test Pressure 260 Psi.
Item Ref: S9816-04
1,100 L S/S Electrically Heated Jktd Tank
New Stainless Steel Oj25s-63 Open Topped Vessel 1,140mm Dia X 1,190mm Deep with New S/S Water/Oil Filled Jacket Open to Atmosphere with Rock Wool Insulation and Stainless Steel Outer Cladding and fitted with 2 X 12 kW Immersion Heaters. 50mm Bottom Outlet. Control Panel can be supplied at Extra Cost.
Item Ref: N9223A-04
1250L S/S Open Top Mixing Pan
Stainless Steel Mild Steel Water Jacket 1220mm Dia X 1150mm Deep. Flat Sloping Bottom To 75mm Off Centre Outlet Mounted With 4 Off Side Pads And Top Flange To Suit Bridge For Agitator.
Item Ref: N9353-04
1300L S/S Rectangular Jktd Tank
Stainless Steel Jktd Tank Made By Hobal. 1400mm X 1100mm X 1070mm Deep With 4 Off 63mm Dia Support Bars Mounted In The Base Of The Vessel. With 50mm Bottom Side Outlet. Overall Height 1400mm. Fitted With Loose S/S Lid. W.P. 30 Psi. T.P. 52 Psi.
Item Ref: N9211-04
1800 L S/S Rect Tank With Coil And Lid
2290 X 910 X 910 mm Deep With 2 Plate Type Coils Various Top Side Andbottom Connections And Fitted With Loose Lid
Item Ref: N5489-04
1800 L S/S Electrically Heated Mixer
1020 Dia. X 2440 mm Deep, Stainless Steel Vessel With 2 Immersion Heaters & Paddle Agitator, 4 Kw Running At 68 Rpm. Previous Use For Melting Waxat 200 Deg C. Dished Top, 100 & 50 mm Inlets. Dished Bottom With 50 mm Outlet.
Item Ref: N5886-04
1870 L S/S Jktd Tilting Pan With Lip
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket. 1625 mm Dia. X 900 mm Deep. Dish Bottom. (Approx 40 Psi Jacket. No Pouring Mechanism, E.G. Gearbox Fortilting).
Item Ref: N7244-04