Glass Lined

910 L Pfaudler Glass Lined Reactr Body
A Series Vessel 1220 Dia X 760 mm Deep With Dished Bottom To 75 mm Outlet. Top Conns 360 Dia, 150 & 4 X 100 mm. Jacket For 75 Psi Working, 40 Psi Orvacuum Internally.
Item Ref: N6895-04
2250 L Pfaudler Glass Lined Jktd Vessel
Reactor Body Type Ra60 1520 Dia X 1520 mm With Dished Bottom To 100 mm Oultet, Dished Top With 610 mm Centre Connection & Other Inlets. Jacket Suit For 90 Psi Internal Up To 100 Psi
Item Ref: N6794-04
4500L Pfaudler Vertical Pressure Vessel
Mild Steel Glass Lined 1700mm Dia X 1900mm Deep. Dish Top And Bottom. Top With 460mm Dia, 220mm Dia, 2 Off 100mm Dia, 3 Off 75mm Dia Inlets. Mounted On 3 Legs To Give 1000mm Ground Clearance From 75mm Dia Outlet. W.P. 3.51 Bar. T.P. 5.5 Bar.
Item Ref: N9135-05
5550L M/S Gls Horizontal Tank
Mild Steel Glass Lined 1400mm Dia X 3600mm Long With Dished Ends. Bottom Side 120mm Dia Outlet. Top 400mm Dia Manway. 120mm And 5 Off 100mm Dia Inlets.
Item Ref: N8857-07
16,000L Hoz GLS Glass lined storage vessel
Mild Steel Glass lined Full Vacuum / 3 bar Temp -29 to 200 Deg.c
Item Ref: ND-13288-05
18500L M/S Gls Vertical Enclosed Tank
Mild Steel Glass Lined Tank 2800mm X 3000mm Deep On The Straight. Dish Top And Bottom With 610mm Dia Off-Centre Manway And 100Dia Outlet. Dish Top With 610mm Dia Manway, 250mm Dia Inlet. 5 Off 100mm Dia Inlets. Overall Height 5200mm Weight 5500Kg.
Item Ref: N10501-05