Gls Thermo Pocket 63Mm Dia X 1660Mm Long
Mild Steel Glass Lined 63mm Dia X 1660mm Long With 200mm Mounting Flange
Item Ref: N10516-01
450 L Cannon Cast Iron Jktd Reactor
Cast Iron Ex-Glassed Reactor 910 mm.Dia 690mm.Deep Dished Top & Bottom,Bolt On Lid With 1 X 200 3 X 100 & 5 X 50mm.Connections Centre Turbine Stirrer Bottom Outlet
Item Ref: N8807-01
1000 L Epoxy Lined Jacketed Reactor
1140 Dia X 1120 mm Deep On Straight With 500 mm Deep Cone, 460 mm Charge Port 200, 50 & 38 mm Top Connections & Sight Glass. 50 mm Bottom Outlet, S/Steel 60 Psi Jacket And 2.2 Kw 340 Rpm Siirrer Unit
Item Ref: N7121-01
2,500 L Hastelloy C4 clad reactor
Mild Steel Jacketed reactor with inner Hastelloy C4 cladding 1,500mm dia x 1,400mm deep in the straight, with dish top and bottom, chamber rated Full Vacuum or 16 bar, jacket 16 bar at 200 deg. C.  Top with central flange to suit three bladed GLS curved stirrer blade, with mechanical seal to suit chamber with 10 kW V/speed 40 to 196 rpm geared drive. Top with 40mm x 350mm oval manway, 2 off 200mm dia, 5 off 100mm dia, and 100mm dia sight glass.  Dish bottom with 100mm dia outlet.
Item Ref: ND-12002-01