Plough Shear

3L S/S Plough Shear Mixer 1.1 kW
Stainless Steel Plough Shear Mixer 200mm dia x 180mm long chamber with 1.1 kW Geared Drive
Overall size 500mm x 800mm x 500mm tall [new and unused]
Item Ref: RBP-05-10
15L Lodige S/S Jktd Cont. Ploughshear
Stainless Steel 200mm Dia X 610mm Long with 150mm. X 140mm Inlet to 100mm X 50mm Outlet.  3 Off 12mm Feed Ports to Chamber.  Fitted with a Split Lid for Cleaning Approx.  Halfway Half Dia. Jacket W.P. 1.5 Bar at 50 Deg. C.  Machine Type Cb20p. Machine No. 3256.  Driven by 7.5 kW  1,450 Rpm Belt Drive. Overall size 1,100mm X 1,100mm X 1,200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9065-10
30 L Lodige S/S Jktd Ploughshear Mixer
Stainless Steel Chamber with Internal Plough Shear Mixer with Plough shear Action Chamber Size 280 Dia. X 750mm Long with Flush Fitting 130mm Geared Outlet Valve. 1.5 kW Geared Drive 190 rpm, Stainless Steel Dimple Jacket.
Mounted on Frame on Castors.
Item Ref: S8296-10
80L Morton Lodige Plough Shear JKTD Mixer Type FK130
Stainless Steel chamber and mild steel outer jacked,with 5 plough mixer arms mounted in Chamber 500mm dia x 670mm long.
Top with 480mm x 280mm hinged inspection port with 200mm dia charge port x 500mm deep.
Base with 170mm x 120mm hand operated outlet slide valve. with 2.2 kW 120 rpm belt driven geared drive.  rotary Cutter with 4 kW 2,880 rpm drive.
Overall size 1,160mm x 1,230mm x 1,510mm high
Item Ref: ND-11794-10
90 L Lodige Morton Ploughshear Mod Miood
Mild Steel Plough Blades To Give Ploughshare Action Chamber 510 Dia X 510 mm Face With Packed Glands,Up To 90 Lt Batch Mix Manual Feed, 2.2 Kw Drive
Item Ref: S6257-10
120L Simon Barron Conditioning Mixer M/S
Mild Steel Angle Paddle Arm Mixer. 400mm Dia X 1700mm Long With Packed Glands. 260mm X 260mm Inlet/Outlet. Continuous Type Mixer With 11Kw 280 Rpm Pulley Operated Drive Motor. Overall Size 2200mm X 1200mm X 700mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10139-10
200L Winkworth S/S High Speed Tee Arm Paddle Shear Mixer Type RT200 7.5 Kw
200L Winkworth S/S High Speed Tee Arm Paddle Shear Mixer Type RT200 7.5 kW
Stainless Steel High Speed Tee Arm Paddle Shear Mixer 7.5 kW variable speed 40 to 120 rpm Chamber 645mm dia x 1,000mm Packed Gland seals Top with 75mm dia & 50mm dia inlets, side with inspection port 450mm x 310mm [with two side port to suit new cutter that can be fitted at extra cost] bottom outlet 200mm x 120 mm mounted on a mild steel frame to give 750mm ground  clearance. Overall size 2,200mm x 800mm x 1,800mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12118-10
200L S/S continuous Morton Plough Shear Mixer KM300 D 15 Kw
Stainless Steel PTFE lined chamber 510mm dia x 1500mm long with 15 kw 160 Rpm geared drive with 2 off 5.5Kw 3000 Rpm cutters 
Item Ref: ND-11613-10
250L S/S Lodige Plough Shear Mixer Fkm
Stainless Steel Ploughshear Mixer To Give Ploughshare Action Type Fkm 300 D1z Chamber 650mm X 1000mm Face With Top 250mm Dia Inlet With 2 Off Side Manway Inspection And Cleaning Port 380mm X 380mm. Bottom 150mm Air Operated Outlet Valve. Mounted On Mild Steel Frame To Give 900 mm Ground Clearence. Driven By 15Kw Gear Drive 155Rpm With 4 Kw 2880 Rpm Side Mounted Chopper. Overall Size 2400mm X 1200mm X 2200mm Tall
Item Ref: N10302-10
400L Lodige S/S Ploughshear Fkm600d
Stainless Steel Plough Shear Mixer To Give Ploughshare Action Chamber 800mm Dia X 1250mm Long. Top Connections 350mm Dia And 230mm Dia With 2 Off Side Inspection Hatches 450mm X 400mm. Bottom Outlet 240mm X 175mm. Driven By 11Kw 149 Rpm Gear Drive With 2 Off Lump Breakers 4Kw 2800 Rpm. Overall Size 1200mm X 2600mm X 1900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10112-10
450L S/S Winkworth Powder Mixer RT450

Stainless Steel Tee Arm High Shear Mixer with packed gland seals, Chamber 790mm dia x 1,350mm long with 2 off 100mm dia inlets, side inspection port 610mm x 390mm with bottom 150mm dia outlet mounted on mild steel frame                           to give 400mm ground clearance with 7.5 kW approx 140 rpm geared drive and 4 kW 2,880 rpm.  

Overall size 2,900mm x 1,800mm x 1,450mm tall.

Item Ref: N10901-10
1000L S/S Loedige Morton Plough Mixer
Stainless Steel Plough Shear Mixer With Ploughshare Action Chamber 1100mm X 1840mm Long. Top With 580mm X 250mm And 180mm Dia Inlets With Bottom Centre 350mm X 250mm Outlet. With 2 Off 450mm X 350mm Side Inspection Ports. Main Drive 15 Kw 138 Rpm With 2 Off 5.5Kw 1440 Rpm Cutters. Type Fkm 1600D
Item Ref: N10176-10
1300L S/S Lodige Plough Shear Mixer Type FKM-2000-D 55kw
Stainless Steel Plough shear mixer chamber about 1,120 mm dia x 1,980 mm long with 2 off 250 mm dia inlets and bottom 250 mm dia centre outlet with 55 kw 120 rpm geared drive fitted with   3 off  side mounted 7.5 kw cutters or choppers 
Item Ref: ND-12913-10
1500L M/S Morton Ploughshear Mixer
Mild Steel Plough Share Mixer With Ploughshare Action Chamber 1000 mm Dia X 3000 mm Long With Stainless Steel Internal Plough Arms. Centre Outlet Approx 400mm X 400mm, 2 Off Side Inspection Manways For Cleaning. Top With 360mm X 360mm Inlet And 250 mm Dia Vent. Driven By 22Kw 90 Rpm. Direct Coupled Geardrive Motor. Machine No: 21097/M. Overall Size 4600mm X 2000mm X 1600mm Tall
Item Ref: N9952-10
2,000L Lodige M/S Conti Mixer Fkm3000
Mild Steel Continuous Plough Shear Mixer With Ploughshare Action Chamber 1,100mm Dia X 2,500mm Long. Top with 300mm X 560mm Inlet, 350mm Dia, 2 Off  150mm Dia, 2 Off Side Inspection Hatches 550mm X 400mm with End Slide Wear Discharge. Driven by 30 kW 56 Rpm Drive with 4 Off Blanked Side Ports to Fit Cutters [At Extra Cost. Rigal Bennett supply New Cutters with 5.5 kW 2,800 Rpm Drives]
Overall size 1,250mm X 5,200mm X 1,600mm Tall 6,000 Kg.
Item Ref: N10111-10
2,000 L S/S Morton Plough Shear Mixer Type FKM 3000
Stainless Steel Chamber 1,150 mm dia x 2,950 mm long with 12 off weld plough arms center top feed 420 mm dia.  Bottom discharge 300 mm x 240 mm, with 45 kW 122 Rpm geared drive fitted with 4 off cutters 5.5 kW 2,895 rpm.                                Overall size 1,250 mm x 3,800 mm x 2,000 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12375-10
2,000 L S/S JKTD Morton Plough Shear Mixer Type FM3000
Stainless steel chamber 1,150 mm dia x 2,950 mm long with 75/55 kW geared drive.
Item Ref: ND-12374-10
2,700 L S/S Imcatec Horizontal Tee Arm Mixer 7.5 kW
Stainless Steel Chamber 1,600 mm Dia x 2,000 mm long with 200 mm dia in/outlets two of side access doors for cleaning.  Made by IMCATEC.  Model CIM-L4000 No.: 21689

Item Ref: ND-12366-10
4,000L S/S JKTD Tee Arm Littleford Plough Shear Mixer 150 kW Model KM6000D
Stainless Steel 316 Grade Jacketed internal chamber size 1,630 mm dia x 3,080 mm long rated 5 PSI or full vacuum, with seven Tee arm paddles two end ploughs with scrapers.  304 grade stainless steel jacket rated 90 PSI with 228 mm dia cored rotor shaft with rotary unit 6 off Choppers.  With 228 mm dia center outlet, Top with 410 mm dia, 310 mm dia, 200 mm dia, 150 mm dia 2 off 50 mm dia inlets.  Two off hinged side access doors 546 mm x 406 mm with manual valve driven  by 150 kW geared drive.  Model KM6000D  Serial number: 42592-5082 & 42592-5083
Item Ref: ND-12373-10
10,000L Lodige Ploughshear mixer type FKM-15000D/12ZF 120/145 Kw
Stainless Steel Ploughshear mixer chamber  1,950 mm dia x 5,000 mm long top with 450mm dia  2 off 350mm Dia, 300 mm Dia connections side inspection hatches 3 off  640mm x 440mm, outlet  200 mm Dia packed gland seals with 120/145 Kw geared drive motor for the main plough arm, with 12 off cutters flanges overall size 8,500mm x 2300 mm x 2600 mm tall weight 11550 kg.
Item Ref: ND-11793-10