Double Cone/Tumble type

5 Litre Apex S/S Y Cone Blender
150 Dia. 250mm Long Shell with 2 X 120mm Dia Connections.  Mounted in M/S Frame with 1 Phase Geared Drive.  All Mounted in Safety Cage
Item Ref: S7819-10
5 L Apex Drum Tumble Mixer
Type 16 526 with 0.37 kW Gear Drive 240/1/50
Item Ref: S9778-10
25 L Double Drum Blender 1 Ph Drive
For Mixing 2 X 25 L Drums With Single Phase Geared Drive
Item Ref: S9026-10
30 L Rotary Vacuum Tumbling Chamber S/S
Vario-Vac Vvt-35 Stainless Steel Tumbling Mixer with Vacuum Pump. 350 Dia. 350mm Face.  All Mounted in S/S Frame
Item Ref: S7469-10
30L Y-Cone S/S Apex Blender
Stainless Steel Blender Model 286B1. 300mm Dia X 400mm Deep Y-Cones to Bottom 100mm Dia Outlet. Top with 290mm Dia Inlets with 0.75 kW 10 rpm Blender Drive and 0.75 kW 1,440 rpm Cutter Drive.
Overall size 1,450mm X 1,000mm X 1,500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9719-10
60L Moritz Y-Cone Blender Perspex
Chamber made from Clear Perspex material. Approx. 350mm Dia X 600mm Deep. With 180mm Dia Bottom Outlet. Mounted on Mild Steel Frame 1,100mm X 12,00mm X 1,700mm Tall.  Machine No. 3975/1957/2.
Item Ref: N9739-10
100L S/S Flaretaire Rotor Cube Powder Blender

Stainless Steel Rotor Cube 590mm x 590mm x 130mm deep.  One cone 400mm deep to 50mm dia outlet,  other cone 360mm deep with 340mm x 200mm deep feed port. mounted on mild steel frame 1,070mm x 1,000mm x 1,060mm tall

Item Ref: N10856-10
Drum Roller For 100 - 200L Drum
0.55 kW gear driven Rollers Rubber covered, Suitable for up to 200L drums. Gear Driven Shaft with 2 Adjustable Rollers to suit Drum.  Free Shaft Adjustable Sideways with 2 Adjustable Rollers, Floor Standing, 130mm Long, 690mm Wide
Item Ref: S5788-10
200L Powell Drum Roller Mixer 0.37 kW
Mild steel 100 to 200 l Drum roller mixer with rollers mounted 380 mm apart or 200 mm apart x 620 mm face driven by 0.37 kw drive with hinged safety cage to give overall size 700 mm x 1,600 mm x 1500 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12521-10
500L S/S Tumble Blender 2.2Kw
Stainless Steel Hemispherical Drum 955mm Dia X 500mm Deep With A 500mm Deep Cone. Top With 450mm Dia Manway Inlet Driven By A 2.2 Kw 15 To 40 Rpm Variable Speed Drive Mounted On A Stainless Steel "A " Shape Support Frame To Suit 750 mm Discharge Height With A Hydraulic Raise Lower System To Rotate The Mixer Drum From A 45 Degree Discharge Angle To A 120 Degree Blend Position. Unit To Be Mounted In A Stainless Steel Safety Cage With Sliding Door Entry. With Stop Start And Inch Button And Safety Control To Suit Application.[ As An Otional Extra We Offer To Supply A Hydraulic Raise Lower To The "A" Frame To Reduce The Feed Height This Will Cost Extra 
Item Ref: RC798-10
520 L S/S Foster Yates Rota Cube 6Fyt
Stainless Steel Rota Cube With Internal Breaker Bar. 1200 mm X 1200 mm X 1200 mm With 150 mm Dia. Mucon Valve Discharge. Mounted On Mild Steel Frame With 7.5 Hp Geared Motor. Machine No. 40/214.
Item Ref: N7562-10
L B Bohle S/S Mobile Ibc Lifter/Tilter
Lifter/Tilter 600 kg. Stainless Steel Unit Model Ph600 with Tubular Lift Arms 795mm Pcd X 900mm Long Arms with 2,500mm Lift with 360 Deg. Drum Rotation. 1 Ph Power Charge and 24 Dc Battery Power. Portable Drive.
Overall Size 1,200mm X 2,300mm X 2,800mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9385-37
750 L Andritz Mixer Coater S/S Rotary Drum Type CT 15
Stainless Steel Mixer Coater Rotary Drum 750 mm dia x 1700 mm long with about 200 mm x 200 mm feed shoot and reduced cone 170 mm long to 450 mm dia discharge with 1.1 Kw chain drive with centrally mounted spray manifold mounted in a mild steel frame with drum angle adjustment 1300 mm x 2800 mm x 1670 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-11637-10
1,400L Winkworth Double Cone Blender S/S
S/S Powder Mixer 1,840mm dia. With 470mm Straight Section and 2 X 800mm Deep Cones. 1 with 200mm dia. Outlet & other with 400mm dia.  Manway Entrance. Driven by 5.5 kW Geared to 12 rpm with Electric Brake.  Model Dc1400ss. Serial Number: 4776
Overall 3,200mm Wide X 2,500mm Deep X 3,000mm Tall with 400mm clear from the outlet
Item Ref: N7500-10
2250 L Del Drum Blender M/S
Mild Steel Drum 2340 Dia. 1220 mm Face With Trunnion Feed And Discharge. 7.5 Kw Geared Drive. Overall Size. 3,000 mm x 3,500 mm x 2,800 mm tall.
Item Ref: N5778-10
3,500L S/S Tumble Mixer Blender
Stainless Steel Horizontal Tubular Drum Mixer 1,800mm Dia X 36,00mm Long with Dished End with 250mm Dia Inlet. Other with Cone End to 640mm Dia Outlet.  With Internal Flights to assist blending. 
Driven by 4 kW 140 rpm Gear Drive through to chain drive on main drum.  Mounted on mild steel base frame to give 900mm ground clearance.  Chamber Total Volume 11,000L.
Overall Length 4,850mm X 2,000mm Wide X 3,000mm Tall
Item Ref: N10477-10
4000 L Gardner Double Cone Blender M/S
Mild Steel Powder Mixer 2440 mm Dia. With 460 mm Straight Section And 1370 mm Deep Cones, 100 mm Outlet Port And 430 mm Manway Overall Space Required For Unit 4,400mm X 4,100mm X 4,200mm Tall
Item Ref: N4615-10