Hammer Mill

Apex S/S Swing Hammer Mill Model 114 S Body only
Stainless Steel Spare Body
Item Ref: N10787-11
Apex S/S Comminutator Swing Hammer Mill 248 0.75 kW
Stainless Steel Swing Hammer Mill with 0.75 kW 2,880 rpm drive 3 phase, with 25mm dia inlet feed mounted on a table to give overall size 700mm x 630mm x 1,220mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12012-11
Hosokowa Mikro Pulverizer Bantam Swing Hammer Mill 1.1 Kw
Mild Steel Mill with Auger feed to T shape hammers with 1.1 Kw belt drive to give max speed 14,000 Rpm mounted on Mild Steel Frame overall size 900mm x 1100 mm x 1100 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12086-11
Apex Comminuting Mill S/S 7.5 Kw
Stainless Steel With Fixed Hedge Hoge Type Rotor With Variable Speed Drive Aprox 7.5 Kw Inlet Feed 22mm Dia Out Let 120mm X 40mm Mounted On Frame To Give 1080mm Ground Clearance. Overall Size 1100mm X 850mm X 1900mm Tall
Item Ref: N9156-11
Stokes Tornado Swing Hammer Mill S/S 4Kw
Stainless Steel Model 44/13 Driven By 4Kw Belt Drive . Vertical Knife Swing Hammer Mill. Up To 1800 K/Hr Of Material Of Maximum Size 50 mm Feed Port 150mm X 110mm .Driven By 4 Hp Motor. 1000mm X 910mm 1500mm Tall
Item Ref: S9902-11
Apex S/S Hammer Mill [ Body] Type 181 7.5 kw
Stainless Steel Hammer mill body with 16 off serrated fixed hammer blades. 250 mm dia with 150 mm face
[Please note As Is price for the body only. The unit serviced price we include the feed shoot bet drive motor and to mount on trolley frame to give 800 mm discharge height]
Item Ref: ND-13467-11
Christy Norris Spruemaster 1.5 Kw
Rotary Cutting Knives To Reduce Size, 150 X 75 mm. Feed Port, Chamber Size 250 mm Dia. X 50 mm Deep.
Item Ref: N8336-11
Bentall Mill Model Bha17 4 Kw
Mild Steel Mill 70 mm X 60 mm Feed Port To 60 mm Dia Fan Assisted Outlet 4 Kw 6000 Rpm Belt Drive.
Item Ref: N8161-11
AB Hammer Mill M/S 11Kw
Mild Steel Hammer Mill 260mm dia x 260mm face with 300mm x 150mm feed chute. Driven by 11kW 1460 rpm belt drive. Overall size 1100mm x 750mm x 2600mm tall.
Item Ref: N9936-11
Mikropul Model 2Dh
Stainless Steel Body With Mild Steel T-Shaped Hammer Rotors. Screw Feed Mill With 22Kw Drive.
Item Ref: RC1020A-11
C/Norris Briton Type B7/2 Grinder
Swing Hammer Mill,Cast Iron Construction,Requires 15 - 27 Kw Drive. Bare Shaft Price 82950
Item Ref: N4360-11
Mikropul Model 4Th S/S
Swing Hammer Mill With Auger Feed With Spare Rotor Stelite Tiped
Item Ref: RC869-11
Christy Norris Spruemajor 5.5 Kw 960 Rpm
150 X 250 mm Feed Port, Mounted On Trolley With Starter Chamber Size 460 M/M X 75 M/M Deep
Item Ref: S5969-11
Gec Dyad Hammer Mill Size 20 40/80 T/Hr
Gec Elliott Double Rotor Hammer Mill Dyad Size 20 40 To 80 Tons/Hr Limestone Feed Entrance 500mm X 610mm Each Rotor 500mm Dia Driven By 2 Off 15 Kw Motors,[ Could Take More Power.] Overall Size 2740 X 3050 X 2440 mm High. Type Jaged.
Item Ref: N4843-11
Christy Norris M/S Hammer mill Type X Millextra 100 /I/m 90 kw
Mild steel Swing hammer mill with 530 mm x 330 mm inlet mill body is 920 mm x 920 mm x 950 mm tall q=with 90 kw 2965 rpm direct coupled drive  mounted on mild steel bed plate overall size 2,000 mm x 1,500 mm x 2,000 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-13562-11