Plate & Frame

Merrill Filter Press Pump 112Lpm 100 Psi
Type 25, 50 mm Connections, 2.2 Kw Drive, Mild Steel Contact Parts, Piston Pump With Pressure Control
Item Ref: N6439-18
Brit Filters Polishing Press 180Mm Plate
Aluminium Coated Recess Plates To Give 11 Polishing Chambers 180mm X 180mm X 8 mm Deep. 2 Off Port Press With 19mm Dia Connections. Hand Closure.
Item Ref: N9659-18
Carlson Plastic Filter Press 190 X 190Mm
With 3 Plates & 3 Frames
Item Ref: S5487-56
Carlson Aluminium F/ Press 20 Cm Plates
6 Aluminium Plastic Coated Plates With 19mm.Inlet And Outlet. Can Be Used As Plate And Frame Style Or For Polishing
Item Ref: S7773-56
Johnson C/I Filter Press 200Mm.Sq Plate
Cast Iron Press. Mechanical Screw Closure With 6 Off Frames 200mm.Sq.
Item Ref: N8659-18
Farrow Jackson F/Press Frame 300 Mm.Sq.
Filter Press Frame For 275 mm Square Plates Complete With S/S Geared Pump
Item Ref: N5387-18
Carlson S/S Polishing F/Press 380Mm Sq
Filter Press Fitted With 10 Off 380mm X 380mm Polishing Plates With 4 Off 25mm Connections With Pump.
Item Ref: S9271-18
Morgan Poly Prop Polishing Press 380 Mm
29 Polypropylene Plates 380 X 380 mm Square 38 mm Connections. Mounted On Frame With Hand Held Closure
Item Ref: N7251-18
Br Filter Polyprop Press 380 X 380 Mm
35 Polishing Plates With 4 25 mm Ports. Mounted In Steel Frame
Item Ref: N5869-18
British filter filter Press 390 mm Square 36 plates
British filter filter Press 390 mm Square 36 plates
With 390 mm x 390 mm plates 28 mm deep 4 off  port 25mm dia , with mechanical closure, with a Mono pump type SH20 feed pump, mounted on a mild steel frame 1,900 mm x 810 mm x 1,900 mm tall 

Item Ref: ND-12583-18
Filter Press Frame S/S 400 Mm 4 Port
Hand Screw Closure To Be Fitted With 10 New Polypropylene Plates Each 3 L Cake Capacity. Mounted On Wheels Unit Price With New Plates Asis Price With No Plates
Item Ref: N7073-18
Filter Press Frame 400 Mm Square All S/S
All Stainless Steel On Casters. 4 Port. Hand Screw Closure Frame Type Fsm400-90 To Be Fitted With 15 New Polypropylene Plates Each 3 L Capacity. Alternative Plates Can Be Fitted Unit Price With Plates Asis Price With No Plates
Item Ref: N7072-18
Andritz Polypropylene Filter Press 470 mm Square
Mild Steel frame with hand hydraulic closure with center feed port 38 mm dia with 4 off 38 mm dia.  Corner discharge and wash connections with 27 chambers.
Item Ref: 12235-18
600 mm x 600 mm square PolpyProp plate & Frame filter press
 Polypropylene Filter Press with 10 chambers with individual chamber discharge. Mounted in mild steel frame with and hydraulic closure 
Item Ref: ND-12905-18
Filter Press Recessed Polyprop 630 Mm Sq
Johnson Filter Press To Be Fitted With 37 New Recessed Polypropylene Plates Each With 7.8 Litre Cake Capacity. Other Types Could Be Fitted. Hand Screw Closure. Unit Price Quoted With Plates Asis Price No Plates.
Item Ref: N6444-18
Hangzhou Polyprop Filter Press 800mm Sq

Mild steel filter press frame with hydraulic closure 61 Chambers 800mm x 800mm x 55mm thick 5 off ports  overall size 5150mm x 1220mm x 1200mm tall weight 3500 Kg Made by Hungzhou Xingyuan Filter Co model XM60/800-UB filter area 60 Sq.M cake volume 955L

Item Ref: RC1429-18
Edwards & J Polyprop Filter Press 1M Sq
Edwards And Jones Plate And Frame Filter Press 1 M Square Plates With Geared Motor Closure And Individual Cock Discharge And S/S Collecting Tray Complete 50 Chamber To Give A Total Cake Volume Of 1475Kg Overall Size 1630mm Wide X 1550mm Tall X 6400mm Long
Item Ref: N5761-18
Edwards And Jones Filter Press 1300Mm
Mild Steel Rubber Lined Filter Press With 40 Off Recess Chambers 1300mm X 1300mm Square Plates With 50mm Cake Thickness With Diaphragm Recess Chambers To Compress The Filter Cake Each Chamber Has A Cake Volume Of 80 L To Give Total Cake Volume Of 3200L With To Give Aprox Filtration Area Of 135 M.Sq Plates Have 100mm Dia Centre Feed And 4 Off 75mm Dia Ports Motor Powered Closure Over All Size 2200mm Wide X 7000mm Long X 2600mm Tall. Each Unit Aprox 18 Tons Dry Weight Rubber Spec: Styrene Butadiene Rubber Reinforced With Carbon Black. Excellent Resistance To Acids & Alkalas Intermediates & End Half Plates Ref: No: Fpe 12 **, Ph Range 1 - 14, Hardness 50 To 65 Shore D Scale Temp Range 5 To 95 Deg.C
Item Ref: RC1160D-18