Glass Lined

50 L C/I Gls/Ld Reaction Vessel Lid
Cast Iron Glass Lined Lid For A Reaction Vessel. Complete With Envelope Gasket. Unused And In Box.
Item Ref: S10035-01
90 L Pfaudler Glass Lined Jktd Reactor
Feed Port And Various Top Connections & Bottom Outlet. Working Pressures 40 Psi Or Vacuum Internal, 75 Psi Jacket. Laminil Agitator 3 Blade Type.Packed Gland.
Item Ref: S7950-01
335L Gls Pfaudler Reactor Type Ae-250
Glass Lined Vessel 700mm Dia X 800mm Deep Dish Top And Bottom Outlet 80mm Dia. Manhole/Handhole Dia 150mm Top Connection 3 X 80mm Dia 2 X 50mm Dia Chamber Working Pressure / Vacuum 6 Bar, Test Pressure 9,1 Bar At 200 Deg.C Jacket Working Pressure Vac/7Bar Test Pressure 10.4 Bar -25/200 Deg.C With Propeller Stirrer 1.5Kw 30-180 Rpm Variable Speed Mixer Mounted On Legs Overall Size 1,200mm X 1,200mm X 3,000mm Tall [ stirrer needs a repair]
Item Ref: RC703D-01
900 L Pfaudler Glass Lined Reactor
Type Ra48/200 Higher Pressureglass Lined 1200mm Dia X 800mm Deep Unit Working Pressure Jacket 90 Psi, Internal 100 Pisi. Dished Bottom To 75 mm Outlet. Dished Top With 150, 3 X 100 & 75 mm Inlets. 3 Prong Agitator With Mechanical Seal & Flameproof Drive. Overall Size: 1600mm X 1600mm X 2800mm Tall.
Item Ref: N6917-01
1000 L Pfaudler Glass Lined Mixer
910 Dia X 1520 mm Deep With 300 mm Coned Bottom To 50 mm Outlet. Dished Top With 230 X 300 mm Feed Port 2 X 100 & 3 X 50 mm Inlets. 3 Prong Agitator & Baffle With Packed Gland. 40 Psi Or Vacuum Internally.
Item Ref: N6913-02
1360 L Pfaudler Glass Lind Jktd Reactor
1220 Dia X 1220 mm Side. Side Manway And 4 X 100 mm Inlets And Bottom Outlet. Mild Steel Jacket Suitable For 75 Psi Working Pressure 2.2 Kw 144 Rpm 3 Prong Agitator. Packed Gland Or Mechanical Seal
Item Ref: N6897-01
1360 L Pfaudler Glass Lined Reactor
Model B300l 1220 Dia X 1170 mm Deep. Top Connections 355, 130 & 3 X 75 mm. 3 Prong Impellor Agitator With 2.2 Kw Flameproof Drive. Mechanical Seal& Baffle. Chamber Working Pressure 100 Psi, Jacket 90 Psi
Item Ref: N6896-01
4500 L Gls/Ld Jktd Enclosed Mixer
Glass Lined Mixer 1820 Dia X 1800 mm Deep, Dished Top & Bottom, 280 mm Manway, 2 X 150 mm Top Connections, Clamp On Lid, 150 mm Bottom Outlet, Standing On Legs, S/S Agitator, Geared Drive, Glass Lining Beverage Quality Only.
Item Ref: N3557-01
9000L De Dietrich Reglassed Reactor Body
Reglassed Mild Steel Glass Lined 2000mm Dia X 2200mm Deep. Dish Top And Bottom With 100mm Dia Bottom Outlet. Top With 780mm , 2 Off 200mm, 2 Off 150mm, 3 Off 100mm Dia Inlets With Side Pads And Leg Mounts. Internal D.P. 150 Psi/Full Vac. Jacket D.P. 90 Psi/Fullvac At 400 Deg.F.
Item Ref: N9131-05
14,900 L Tycon JKTD Glass Lined Reactor
Mild steel Glass lined chamber with mild steel jacket chamber about 2,400 mm dia x 2,750 mm deep with dish top and bottom with 150 mm dia outlet, top with 460 mm dia manway, 1 off 250 mm dia inlet,  3 off 150 mm inlets one with a baffle connection,  120 mm dia inlet, 2 off 100 mm dia inlets one with sight glass, with 22 Kw three bladed stirrer. Chamber & Jacket duty Full Vacuum / 6 Bar Jacket @ 200 Deg.C  Overall size 2,700 mm x 2,600 mm x 6,600 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12404-01
18,000 L GLS Reactor RA type
Mild Steel Glass Lined about 2,600 mm dia x 4,400 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-13290-01