Z - Blade S/S

1,400L S/S Vacuum JKTD Z Blade Mixtruder Type NH-2000 55kW
Stainless Steel Jacketed chamber size 1,400 mm x 1,360mm x 1000 mm deepwith Z blade sigma mixer arms with 55 kW Geared drive fast blade 5 to 33 rpm slow blade 4 to 23 rpm and 130 mm dia extruder discharge 22 kW . With Stainless Steel Hinged lid with 1.5 kW Hydraulic opening. With 15 kw Vacuum pump. Overall size 4,900 mm x 2,100 mm x 2,350mm high. Weight 7,200 kg . Made by Zhucheng Yuanyang Import & Export Co Ltd China. 
Item Ref: ND-12582-09
650 L S/S Linden Mixtuder Model KII 450A
Stainess Steel Chamber with Mild Steel Jacket Chamber 1000 mm x 955 mm x 910 mm deep with Sigma blades to 225 mm extruder auger x about 1390 mm long requires up to 75 Kw drive motor for sigma  arms and 18.5 Kw for the Auger
Item Ref: ND-11655-09
450 L Winkworth S/S Jktd Z Blade Mixer
Type 43 Z Stainless Steel Mixer With Mild Steel Jacket.1090mm X 959mm X 737mm. With Hydraulic Tilt Discharge Driven By 15 Kw Geared Drive Overall Size 3000mm X 1600 X 1100mmtall When Closed.2200mm When Open Model 43Z Ss Dd Jktd
Item Ref: N8030-09
450L Vickers S/S Z Blade Type 43Z
Stainless Steel Mixer 1092mm X 960mm X 740mm Deep With Hydraulic Tilt Discharge. Driven By 15Kw Gear Drive. 2200mm X 2500mm X 1600mm Tall. In Discharge Position 2600mm.
Item Ref: N8554-09
350L S/S Z blade Mixer
Item Ref: ND-14069-09
315L S/S JKTD AMK Mixtruder
Stainless steel chamber with mild steel jacket chamber size = 860mm x 840 mm x 740 mm deep with 150 mm dia extruder discharge, with geardrive motors  11 kw drive motors overall size about 2,500mm x 1,600 mm  x 2,500 mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-13938-09
250L S/S Steelshaw Z Blade Mixer
Stainless Steel Z Blade Mixer 800mm X 780mm X 650mm Deep with Sigma Blades Motorised Tilt Discharge. 
Overall size 4,300mm X 1,900mm X 2,500mm Tall
Item Ref: N10417-09
200L S/S Z Blade Mixer
Stainless Steel Sigma Blade Mixer. Requires A New Body. 750mm X 685mm X 575mm Deep With Hydraulic Tilt Discharge. Overall Size Approx. 3000mm X 1400mm X 2150mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9001-09
200L S/S JKTD Baker Perkins Z Blade Mixer

Stainless Steel Chamber with Mild Steel Jacket.  Chamber 800mm x 600mm x 650mm deep with hydraulic tilt with 22 kW direct coupled gear drive. 

Overall size 2,300mm x 2,200mm x 1,800mm tall.

Item Ref: 11407
80L S/S Baker Perkins Z Blade Mixer
Stainless Steel Sigma Blade Mixer 510mm X 530mm X 530mm Deep With Motorised Screw Tilt Discharge. 11 Kw Geared Drive Motor Through To Belt. Overall Size 1800mm X 1800mm X 1800mm.
Item Ref: N10416-09
70 L Gardner S/S Jacketed Paste Mixer
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket 400 M/M X 375 M/M X 580 M/M Deep With E Claw Contra Rotating Blades Driven From Both Ends By 2 Hp 19 Rpm Geared Drive Mounted On Mild Steel Frame To Give 1000 M/M Ground Clearance Service Ladder
Item Ref: N7240-09
50L S/S JKTD Z Blade Mixer 7.5 kW
Stainless Steel JKTD Sigma Z Blade Mixer Chamber about 520 mm x 520 mm x 450 mm deep with  7.5 kW 35 Rpm drive, with Hydraulic tilt discharge.  Overall size 1,650 mm x 1,330 mm x 1,660 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12239-09
45L S/S Neban Bladed Z Blade Mixer
Stainless Steel Body And Mild Steel Neban Blades. 480mm X 480mm X 480mm Deep With Mild Steel Tilt Discharge. Overall Size 1200mm X 900mm X 1200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9715-09
45 L Baker Perkins S/S Z Blade Mixer Flp
Stainless Steel Mixer Pan Size 410 mm X 390 mm X 360 mm Deep Hand Wheel Tilt.2.2 Kw Flameproof Geared Drive
Item Ref: S9667-09
20 L Baker Perkins S/S Jktd Z Blade
Stainless Steel Mixer With Electric Jacket.Chamber Size 285mm.X 230mm.X 250mm. Deep.1.1 Kw Geared Drive Unit 50 Rpm
Item Ref: S9127-09
15L Winkworth S/S Jktd Z Blade Mixer Flp
Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Mixer Chamber Size 255mm.X 255mm.X 200mm.Deep Pedestal Mounted,Tilting,Overall Size 970mm.X 660mm.X 1450mm.High,Flameproof Drive & Safety Switches
Item Ref: S9129-09
10L S/S Mixtruder S/S JKTD Z Blade Mixer 2.2 kW
Stainless Steel JKTD Sigma Z Blade Mixer 255 mm x 255 mm x 225 mm deep with 2.2 kW 35 to 50 Rpm drive extruder with 1.5 kW 50 Rpm drive.  Overall size 1,450 mm x 930 mm x 630 mm tall.
Item Ref: RBP-15-09
7L Winkworth S/S Jktd Z Blade Mixer
Trough Size 200 X 200 X 175 mm Deep. 1.1 Kw 102 Rpm Geared Drive. Mild Steel Jacket
Item Ref: S7028-09
6L Baker Perkins Neban Blade S/S Jktd Mx
Stainless Steel With 2 Off Neban Blades. Chamber 184mm X 228mm X 203mm Deep. 1.1Kw 40 Rpm Geared Drive. Overall Size 1200mm X 350mm X 450mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9598-59
3 L Hunt S/S Jktd Z Blade Mixer
Jacketed Stainless Steel Mixer Bench Mounted With Heated Or Cooled Blades Pan Size 150 mm X 150 mm X 150 mm Deep
Item Ref: S9670-09
3L Paul O Abbe S/S Jktd Mixer Vacuum Lid
Stainless Steel Jacketed U Trough Mixer With Vacuum Lid
Item Ref: S9671-09
1/2 L S/S Werner Pfleidere Z Blade Vac mixer
Stainless Steel Z blade mixer about 1/2 L
Item Ref: ND-12888-09