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S/S Coating Pan Walter Brucks 1600mm dia

Stainless Steel 1600mm dia x 845mm deep with 845mm inlet overall size 2100mm x 1600mm x 1900mm tall Type X

Item Ref: 11454
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Tox Pressotechnik Mc2
Fastener Insertion Press . Single Head With 9mm Dia Punch Tool. Air Operated. Overall Size 850mm X 1000mm X 1700mm Tall. Plate Detail - Daskraftpaket. Machine No. 841955.
Item Ref: N10048-26
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Festo Rotary Press Capper/Crimper/Coder
Model No.004-01-G-606-B. No. 2/12.09. 8 Station Rotary Head With Cap Placer Crimper And Coder. Overall Size 1200mm X 1200mm X 1800mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10049-23
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Apex 98 4 Ton Single Punchtablet Press
Currently Tooled For 16mm.Dia Tablets.Overall Size 1000mm.X 1000mm.X 2800mm. Tall.
Item Ref: N8429-26
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Walter Neff Rotary Press Type 4T1a
Maximum Compression 4 Ton. 22 Head Rotary Press Currently Fitted With 8mm Punches. With Batch Printer And Coder. Driven By 3Kw Drive. Machine No. 3680. Overall Size 1500mm X 1500mm X 1700mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10047-26
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P J Hare Model 5 It Single Punch Press
Max 7.5 Tons Up To 40 Per Minute. Stroke 44/100mm. With 2.2Kw Power Source. Overall Size 560mm X 900mm X 1700mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9788-26
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Walter Neff Single Punch Press Type 6T1
Vertical Single Punch Press Model Nh500-N2h500. With 7mm Dia Dies With 6 Ton Force. 104mm Stroke. Driven By 4Kw Drive. Overall Size 1000mm X 750mm X 2100mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10046-26
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Apex 128 15 Ton Single Punch Press
With 4Kw Croft Variable Speed Drive To Suit Single Tablets Up To 38mm Dia. Overall Size 900mm X 2100mm X 2200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9275-26
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Fette Check Master 3 No.82-523
Multifunction Tablet Tester With Automatic Load And Discharge System For Testing And Recording Tablet Weight, Thickness And Hardness.
Item Ref: N9388-26
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Shaw 20 Ton 1-Punch Tablet Press
With 2.2 Kw Drive
Item Ref: N5301-26
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Courtoy 20 Head Rotary Tablet Press R33
Model R33 With Single Hopper Feed Up To 20mm Dia Tablet Size.Hydraulic Assisted Compression.Up To 670 Tablets Per Minute.Reeves Variable Speed Drive.Overall Size 1500mm.X 1500mm.X 1800mm.Tall
Item Ref: N8026-26
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Bipel 35T - Pel Horizontal Press
Horizontal Press 3.5 to 35 Ton Hydraulic Press with 15 kW Power Pack.  Overall size 2,200mm X 1,800mm X 2,000mm Tall. Built 1990.  Fully serviced by JRD Bipel 2006
Item Ref: RC1357A-25
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