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Screen Cloths Stainless Steel
Cylindrical Cloths 580 Long 270 mm Dia 6&8 Mesh 2 Off, Cloths 380 X 510 mm. Meshes From 4 To 20 9 Off Cloths 390 X 270 mm Various Meshes 32 Off
Item Ref: N2550-16
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Pingle Double Bin M/S Sieve Fsfs
Double Or Twin Sided Sieve Each Side With Up To 14 Decks Designed To Give 4 Separations. Deck Size 830mm X 830mm X80mm Deep. Overall Size 2200mm X 1500mm X 2250mm Tall
Item Ref: N10527-16
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Hebei Pingle M/S Destoner Qxs
Mild Steel Suction And Gravity Destoner Single Deck 400mm X 500mm With 120mm Dia In/Outlets With 1.1 Kw Fan Overall Size 1500mm X 650mm X 2400mm Tall
Item Ref: N10535-16
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480Mm Dia S/S Boulton Single Deck Sieve
Stainless Steel Single Deck Unit 480mm Dia 800mm Feed Height 550mm Discharge with 0.18 kW Drive Type 19
Item Ref: N10030-16
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M/S Locker Rotex Single Deck Sieve 490 mm x 1220 mm 0.37 kw
Mild Steel base 490 mm x 1,220mm x with 150 mm dia outlets mounted on mild steel frame 800 mm x 2,200 mm x 800 mm deep, with extension frame to give 1,200 mm ground clearance, overall size 1,000 mm x 2,400 mm x 2,000 mm tall. 0.37kw drive General Purpose Model Number 11

Item Ref: ND-13006-16
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510Mm Dia Russell Compact S/S Sieve
Stainless Steel Compact Sieve Type 16100 With 510mm Dia , To Vibro Screen. With 150mm Dia Centre Discharge. With Side Mounted Vibro Drive Motor. Mounted On Stainless Steel Frame 1100mm X 1100mm X 600mm Tall Overall Height 1,250mm
Item Ref: ND-12480-16
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Russell Finex S/S Sieve 560Mm Dia
Type 804. 560 mm Dia. Mounted On Castors. Stainless Steel Contact Parts. 970 mm Outlet To Floor.1.5 Kw 930 Rpm
Item Ref: S9567-16
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Russell Enclosed Sieve 560Mm Dia. Flp
Stainless Steel Single Deck Sieve Mild Steel Darlik Body With Flp Drive. Model 16350
Item Ref: S8644-16
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Russell Sieve S/S 560Mm Dia
Stainless Steel Contact Parts. Single Deck With Mild Steel Tubular Frame With 1070mm Feed Height And 600mm Discharge Height. As Is Price For Body Only. Unit Price Is To Include New Stainless Steel Single Deck.
Item Ref: N8989-16
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Russell 560Mm Dia Dalek Sieve
All Stainless Steel Contact Parts With Enclosed Mild Steel Dalek Type Body With Single Deck To Give Two Separations. Mounted On Wheels. Model A17300.As Is Price For Body Only. Unit Price Is To Include New Stainless Steel Single Deck
Item Ref: N9341-16
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560Mm Dia S/S Single Deck Russell Sieve
560 mm Dia Stainless Steel. Mounted On Mild Steel Tubular Structure . 0.5 Kw 930 Rpmas Is Price For Body Only. Unit Price Is To Include New Stainless Steel Single Deck
Item Ref: N9224-16
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560 mm Dia S/S Single Deck Russell Finex Sieve
560 mm Dia Stainless Steel mounted on Mild Steel Tubular Structure . 0.5 kW 930 rpm to give a discharge height to 750 mm.  Overall size 1,160 mm x 650 mm x 1,180 mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-12154-16
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