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REA Refrigeration Chiller Unit Model JWA/SP34/KIP

Refrigeration unit  With 40mm in/outlet connections mounted in the chamber.  Overall size 1900mm x 1000mm x 1300mm tall. air conditioning duty 3PC 33.2 Kw, Pec  11.9Kw , EER 2,78, ESEER 3,48, Dpc Indoor 37 kpa, Ph Kw 41,6, Peh 13.1 Kw, Dph Indoor 57 kpa, Class EEr "C", Supply 3 phase 415 v 50 Hz , With R410A gas.

Item Ref: N10706-28
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Huber Mini Chiller Type: CFC 4H -20 to +40 deg. C
Huber Mini Chiller Type: CFC 4H  -20 to +40 deg. C
Duty 15 LPM 0.2 Bar 1 phase with R290 refrigerant.  Overall size 230 mm x 400 mm x 380 mm tall.

Item Ref: ND-12326-28
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Waste Saver Chiller Circulator 3 Kw
Model 730 With 3 Kw Refrigeration System & 0.56 Kw Circulatingc Pump. Complete With Chilled Water Holding Tank overall size 915mm x 1220mm x 1625mm tall
Item Ref: N7118-28
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11 kw New Compact Chiller unit Type RBT285
Nominal cooling capacity 28 kw temperature range +10 deg. up to +40 deg.c
with 150 L header tank, R-134a Refrigerant pump rated 145 LPM @ 4.5 bar with 1" BSP in/out with 3/4" bsp water refill Female connection, hermetically sealed compressor with air cooled condenser air volume 5,700 options include 575V or 600 V 3 ph 60 hz. Overall size 1,100 mm x 790 mm x 1,660 mm tall overall weight 330 kg
Item Ref: ND-12870-28
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Bock Compressor Type F14/1165 22Kw
Duty At 500Rpm 48M3/Hr At 25 Bar With 22Kw 1440 Rpm Direct Coupled Motor
Item Ref: N9843-28
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