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Electrothermal Heating Mantle 6 Up 50 Ml
Cat No mm2312
Item Ref: S9039-50
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300Ml Isomantle Type Mul/300 A6066
220/250V 180W 1 Ph.
Item Ref: N8696-50
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500 Ml Isopad Heating Mantle, Flp
Flameproof With Temperature Controller.
Item Ref: S8516-50
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Electrothermal Heating Mantle Mh 7401
For 2 X Rectangular Flasks
Item Ref: S9040-50
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2L Isomantle Type Mbs-2L-E1941
220/240V 400W 1 Ph. Variable Control 1-10
Item Ref: N8693-50
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Isomantle Heating Mantle All Sizes To 2L
100Ml Price£50 250Ml Price £55 500Ml Price £60 600Ml Price £65 1000Ml Price £75 2000 Ml £85
Item Ref: S9069-50
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2 L Electrothermal Heating Mantles
2000Ml With Or Without Bottom Outlet .
Item Ref: S3581-50
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Electro Thermal Mantle Sizes Up To 2L
To Heat Up To Temperatures Of 450 Deg.C. 50Ml 60W. Unit Price £45 (2 Off). 250Ml 150W Unit Price £55 (3 Off). 500Ml 300W Unit Price £60 (2 Off). 1000Ml 300W Unit Price £75 (2 Off). 2000Ml 450W Unit Price £85 (2 Off)
Item Ref: N9251-50
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5L Isomantle Type 1Mm 5L 4222
200/250V 675W 1 Ph. Variable Control 1-10.
Item Ref: N8690-50
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100Ml Electro Thermal Heating Mantle
Type Emao 100/Ceb 80W 1 Ph. New And Unused.
Item Ref: N9651-50
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6L Hot Dip Melting Pot
New Hot Dip melting pot internal Diameter 200 mm dia x 190 mm deep, 1 phase 240 V 1125 Watt Supply operating Temperature 50 to 200 Deg.c
Item Ref: ND-12114-50
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12L Hot Dip Melting Pot
New Hot Dip melting pot internal Diameter 250 mm dia x 250 mm deep, 1 phase 240 V  1,650 Watt Supply operating Temperature 50 to 200 Deg. C 
Item Ref: ND-12292-50
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