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70L Jktd Tube Heat Exchanger
Stainless Steel Jacketed Tube. 210mm Internal Dia X 665mm Deep. Outside Dia 440mm With 2 Off 32mm Dia Connections.
Item Ref: N10251-19
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Attemperator Panel S/S
1220 Long 380 mm Wide. Stainless Steel With 12 mm & 20 mm Connections
Item Ref: N3172-19
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1.45 sq.m Radiator Panels S/S For Heating Tank
1.45 Sq.M Surface Area 2440 X 560 mm Wide Stainless Steel Panels For Steam Heating Designed For Outside Of Cylindrical Tank
Item Ref: N6361-49
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S/S Radiator Panel 860 X 2000 Mm
With 20 mm Flanged Connections
Item Ref: N6995-19
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.05 Sq.M. 50 Mm Dia. Heating Coil, S/S
1 Coil 1 M Dia. 1470 mm Deep.
Item Ref: S8718-19
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0.09 Sq.M. S/S Jktd Tube Heat Exchanger
75 Dia. 910 mm Long 2 Pass With Concentric Internal Tubes
Item Ref: S8180-19
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S/Steel Coil 25 Mm 2 Turns 840 Mm
Item Ref: S7330-19
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0.427 Sq.m Stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger
Stainless steel hair pin tubes to give two pass with 3 off 19 mm  OD x 1,194 mm long [ needs mild steel outer shell. Please note at extra cost we can offer Stainless Steel outer shell] 70 mm dia tri clamp in/ outlets both sides rated 150 p.s.i- full vac @ 200 deg.c. overall size 1,450 mm x 420mm x 270 mm 
New and unused.

Item Ref: ND-12557-19
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0.46 Sq.M. S/S Calorifier
510 Dia. 970 mm Deep S/S Pressure Vessel With Dished Bottom To 25 mm Outlet Dished Top With 2 X 25 & 12 mm Inlets. 3 X 100 mm Side Sight Glasses. Internal Coil 25 mm Dia.
Item Ref: S8182-19
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0.56 sq.m S/S Coil 25Mm. Dia 3 Turns Of Coil 7680Mm.Dia
Stainless Steel Coil with 25 mm dia Tube with 1" BSP Male connections . With 3 off turns 760 mm dia
Item Ref: S9416-19
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0.71 Sq.M.APV Plate H/Exchanger Type HXU6
Working Pressure 6 Bar.fitted with 5 off Stainless Steel Plates 228mm.x 838mm. With 4 off 50mm.connections. Overall Size 1500mm.X 350mm.X 1100mm.tall.
Item Ref: N8420-19
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0.75 Sq.M S/S Coil 2" Nb Three Turns
0.75 Sq.M S/S Coil 2" Nb Three Turns
Stainless Steel 304 Grade Coil 2" NB Schd 10
PCD 1524 mm with turns and 2 off 2,000 mm up stand pipes with BSP connections Hydraulic Test Pressure 12.bar [ New and unused]
Item Ref: ND-12105-19
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