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Du Pont Crimper Hand Operated
Item Ref: S9602-23
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Posimet Micro Unscramble With Btu
With Bottle Transfer Unit Currently Set Up For 50mm Dia Caps Overall Size 1300mm X 1350mm X 1860mm Tall
Item Ref: N10455-23
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Coster Single Head Aerosol Hand Operated Crimper 100 DL-C
Item Ref: ND-12809-23
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Graham Overhead Single head Labeller COFP-128-40

Graham Labelling  System. Overhead single head C-wrap Precision Labelling system 902, with flash labeller width 75mm up to 50 rpm.  1 Ph supply and air required 6 Bar.  Mounted to supply labels horizontally over a 100mm wide x 2300mm long conveyor. Overall size 3000mm x 2200mm x 2000mm tall No 1922 09/01

Item Ref: N10725-23
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Als Self Adhesive Labeller Type 230L
Advanced Labelling Systems Type 230L 1 Phase Labeller Mounted On Telescopic Frame To Apply Horizontal Size 38mm To 100mm X 50 To 500mm Long At A Rate Of Upto 25 Per Min Mounted Over A 150mm X 2400mm Long Link Belt Conveyor Overall Size 2900mm X 1000mm X 1800mm Tall
Item Ref: N10634-23
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Etipack Self Adhesive Labeller Type TC EMC PX
Mounted on telescopic stand for labels up to 100mm wide overall size 1030mm x 1000mm x 2000mm tall
Item Ref: N10961-23
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Kosme Rotary Adhesive Labeller 12Ts
Designed To Suit 20 To 100 Grm Glass Jars To Suit Labels 22mm X 120mm With Rotary Head Adhesive Applicator To Operate At A Rate Of 20 To 120 Per Min. Overall Size 2000mm X 3600mm X 2000mm Tall. Model Ex Trafix Type 12Ts 2Ez No: 1281
Item Ref: N10266-23
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Pals Labeller Type Pa10e
Horizontal Applicator Unit Model Fl10e No 674538 For Full Or Part Wrap Around Label Max 150mm Wide X 500mm Long. Bench Mounted To Give 860mm Working Height
Item Ref: N10374-23
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Self Adhesive Precision Labeling & Coding machine
Precision Labeling and Coding machine to suit 120mm tall, labels mounted over a conveyor belt 80mm wide x 2,750mm long. 
Overall size 1,300mm x 2,750mm x 1,850mm tall
Item Ref: ND-12075-23
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Pago Self Adhesive Single Head Vertical Pagomat 3 Labeller
Up to 180mm tall Labels with Pagomat  3 head AGO MODEL 100A Vertical Mounted Single labeling head. suitable for patch or wraparound format labeling applications.  200mm wide x 1,800mm long variable speed conveyor with height adjustable top hold, synchronized with product transport. Conveyor has wrap station with wipe down pad.  Hot foil data printing device fitted to position adjustable labeling head, mounted on a frame 1,300mm x 1,800mm x 1,220mm tall [has some system sensors missing]
Item Ref: ND-12021-23
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Chabot Delrieu Labeller Ninette 1 CDA Type NJ
Chabot Delrieu Labeler Ninette 1 Type NJ upto 800 bottles per hour to suit labels 60 to 200mm tall, with cylindrical items 60 to 200mm diameter, mounted on trolley frame 600mm x 600mm x 1,300mm
Item Ref: ND-12078-23
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Rotary 16 head labeller base unit, link belt conveyor, scroll unit, infeed and outfeed star wheels, reject diverter and controls. The first label head has a Thermocode Series 2 over printer (batch, bar, etc, codes; lot nos, price, date & time options) and the second label head is fitted with an outserter unit. Label Height Min 40 mm - Max 300 mm Bottle DiaMin 25 mm Max 75 mm. application speed Min 40 ppm Max 90 ppm.  conveyor speed Min 4m/min Max 15m/min. Services required single phase electric supply and Pneumatic feed
Change parts for container sizes 60 cc, 120 cc, 200 cc and 300 cc. Diameters approx. 35 mm (60 and 120 cc), 50 mm and 58 mm (may accommodate larger depending on base diameter under bottom of body). Overall size 4,000 mm x 4,000 mm x 2,000 mm Tall weight bout 1,600 Kg
Item Ref: ND-12454-23
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