Compressors Air-Air Driers-Air Receivers

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272 L M/S Vertical air receiver
Mild steel vertical air receiver  450 mm dia x 1,200 mm deep mounted on three legs 1,750mm over all height. Made by Radnal Pneumatic s GB  Max Working pressure 11 Bar

Item Ref: ND-13236-27
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220 L Cool Tec M/S Vertical Air Receiver
Mild steel vertical Air receiver  450 mm dia x 1,200 mm deep mounted on three legs  1,750 mm tall made by Cool Technology Design Pressure 13 Bar.

Item Ref: ND-13237-27
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Dominch Hunter Nitrogen Generator Model N2 Max 110 ECO -CXE
Design pressure 9.5 Bar, Nitrogen Flow  19.2 Nm.Cu/Hr inlet pressure 6 bar out let pressure 5 bar oxygen purity 0.5 % operating temperature 20 - 25 deg.c  [ 1998]
overall size 1,500 mm x 550 mm x 1700 mm  tall

Item Ref: ND-13234-27
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3400 L Vertical Air Receiver 100 Psi
1830 Dia. 1320 Deep With Dished Top Having Manway 400 X 300 mm, & 150 & 30 mm Top Connections. Dished Bottom With 30 mm Drain. Side 150 mm Connection And Inspection Port.
Item Ref: N6856-27
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Air Separator And Coolant Filter
Type Trw 0551
Item Ref: S10081-27
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