Tanks Pressure/Vacuum Horizontal S/S

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110 L S/S Horizontal Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel 400 Dia. 840 mm Long. 100 mm Dia Top Connection 100 & 25 mm Dia Bottom Outlets
Item Ref: N5459-05
180 L S/S Horizontal Pressure Vessel
460 Dia. 840 mm Long, 2 X 20 mm Conns One End, 3 X 12 mm At Other End
Item Ref: S7014-05
270 L S/S Horizontal Vessel 100 Psi
560 Dia. 1070 mm Long. 2 X 25 mm Bottom Outlets, Several Top Inlets, Mounted On Saddles.
Item Ref: N6168-05
600L S/S Horizontal Pressure Tank
Stainless Steel 700mm Dia x 1600mm long with dished ends one with 2 off 50mm dia flanged other with 50mm dia flanged. Top with 280mm dia Flange and 70mm Dia Flange and 120mm dia through sight glasses
Item Ref: N10932-07
640 L S/S Horizontal Pressure Vessel
810 Dia. 1070 mm Long, 2 X 25 mm Inlets And 25 & 38 mm Outlets. Side 400 mm Manway. Mounted On Saddles
Item Ref: N6164-05
650 L S/S Horiz Pressure Vacuum Vessel
760 mm Dia. X 1440 mm Long. Dished Ends, One End Bolted. Top With 80 & 4 X 50 mm Dia Inlets. Bottom 50 mm Dia. Outlet. T.P. 75 Psi. W.P. Atmosphereor Vacuum. Made By S.S.V.
Item Ref: N7744-05
710 L S/S Horizontal Pressure Vessel
860 Dia. X 1220 mm Long. Dished Ends. Top 400 & 2 X 38 mm Dia Inlets.One Dished End With 45 mm Dia. Outlet, Other With 2 X 12 mm Flange Connections. T.P. 70 Psi. W.P. 45 Psi. Made By Hopkins Eng.
Item Ref: N7723-05
1000 L S/S Horizontal Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel 820 Dia. X 1900 mm Long. Dished Ends. Top With Centre250 mm Dia & 3 X 100 mm Dia Inlet Connections. One Dished End With 2 X 100 mm Dia Connections, The Other With 2 X 50 mm Connections.
Item Ref: N7885-05
1400 L S/S Horizontal Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel 1070 mm Dia X 1520 mm Long. Dished Ends. Top Side With 500 & 2 X100 mm Dia Inlets. One End With 2 X 38 mm Dia Connections, Other With 25 mm Dia Outlet.
Item Ref: N7763-05
5750 L S/S Pressure Vessel 35 Psi
Stainless Steel Vessel 1600 Dia. 2900 mm Long,Horizontal,By Peddar & Mortensen, Hydraulic Operated Quick Release Door W.P.35 Psi,Mounted On Cradles Heating By Live Steam Injection
Item Ref: N5348-05
7,800L S/S Hoz Pressure Tank
Stainless Steel 1,850mm dia X 2,900mm Long. Dished Ends. Top with 3 Off 75mm Rjt Inlets. One end with Bottom 50mm Rjt Outlet. Oval Manway. Mounted on 4 Mild steel legs. Chamber Wp 30 Psi. Tp 60 Psi. Manuf. Barnett & Rolf.
Item Ref: N8869-05
50,000L S/S Horizontal Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel Clad Mild Steel Unit 2800mm Dia X 8000mm Long With 600mm Deep Dish. Top 460mm, 150mm, 2 Off 50mm Inlets. Bottom 2 Off 63mm Outlets. One End With 3 Off 50mm Connections, Other End With 2 Off 25mm Connections. Made From 12mm Thick Cylinder, 15mm Dished Ends. W.P. 45 Psi.
Item Ref: N8950-05