Reaction Vessel S/S Unheated

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750L S/S Enclosed Pressure Mixing Tank 1.5 kW
Stainless Steel 316 Grade, Chamber 1,000 mm dia x 1,000mm deep dish top & bottom with 400mm dia manway. 100mm dia 2 off 50mm dia inlets 100mm dia sight glass, with 50mm dia bottom outlet, mounted on mild steel base to give 360mm ground clearance. fotted with 1.5 kW marine stirrer.  Made by SSV Test pressure 1.5 Bar. [Motor drive missing]
Item Ref: ND-11997-01
300 L M/S Incote/Ld Pressure Mixing Pot
Mild Steel Incote Lined 800 Dia X 600 mm Deep. Dish Top & Bottom To 50 mm Dia Outlet. Bolt On Top With 125 & 3 X 50 mm Dia Connections & 100 mm Diasight Glass With 1.1 Kiw Marine Stirrer. Approx 30 Psi W.P.
Item Ref: N7809-05
350L Bch Vacuum Cooking/Cooling Mixer
Stainless Steel 700mm Dia X 900mm Deep With 300mm Cone To 200mm Outlet. Dish Swing Bolt Hinged Lid With 150mm, 100mm, 75mm Iss Connections. Fitted With Side Entry Gate Paddle Stirrer 0.15Kw 5.3 Rpm Designed For Full Vacuum With. Overall Size 1800mm X 1450mm X 2500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9208-01
500L S/S Giusti Scraped Surface Mixer
Stainless Steel Giusti Yorkway With Full Vacuum / 1 Bar Rating Test Pressure 1.5 Bar In Chamber 1000mm Dia X 950mm Hemispherical Pan With 70mm Dia Bottom Outlet Mounted On Four Legs To Give 400mm Ground Clearance. Fitted With Stainless Steel Anchor Paddle 5.5Kw 6.3 To 32 Rpm Variable Speed Gear Drive. Scrape Surface Top Entry Mixer With Baffles To Give Counter Flow. 11 Kw 2880 Rpm V/Speed Bottom Entry Homogenizer/Shearhead Mixer Complete With Original Control Panel. Overall Size 1000mm X 1400mm X 2500mm Tall No' J10977a Year 21.05.1990
Item Ref: N10326-01
3000L S/S Enc Mixing Tank
Stainless Steel Enclosed Mixing Tank 1400mm Dia X 2000mm Deep. Dish Top And Bottom With 100mm Dia Bottom Outlet. Top With 400mm Dia, 100mm Dia, 4 Off 25mm Dia Inlets With Central Paddle Stirrer.
Item Ref: N10402-02