Reaction Vessel Miscellaneous

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Products in Reaction Vessel Miscellaneous 3 Items

Gls Thermo Pocket 63Mm Dia X 1660Mm Long
Mild Steel Glass Lined 63mm Dia X 1660mm Long With 200mm Mounting Flange
Item Ref: N10516-01
450 L Cannon Cast Iron Jktd Reactor
Cast Iron Ex-Glassed Reactor 910 mm.Dia 690mm.Deep Dished Top & Bottom,Bolt On Lid With 1 X 200 3 X 100 & 5 X 50mm.Connections Centre Turbine Stirrer Bottom Outlet
Item Ref: N8807-01
1000 L Epoxy Lined Jacketed Reactor
1140 Dia X 1120 mm Deep On Straight With 500 mm Deep Cone, 460 mm Charge Port 200, 50 & 38 mm Top Connections & Sight Glass. 50 mm Bottom Outlet, S/Steel 60 Psi Jacket And 2.2 Kw 340 Rpm Siirrer Unit
Item Ref: N7121-01