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100 L Bear Planetary Mixer
Stainless Steel Bowl 500 mm Dia. 400 mm Deep With Dough Hook. Overall Size 1400 M/M High 600 M/M Wide
Item Ref: S8840-09
Beken 110L S/S Vacuum Paste Mixer
Stainless Steel Vertical Z Blades on Raise Lower Mechanism [requires S/S Bowls 560 Dia. 510mm Deep mounted on Casters Missing]  Overall size 135mm.X 63mm.X 193mm High
Item Ref: N6431-09
Beken 110 L S/S Vacuum Paste Mixer
Stainless Steel Vertical Two Blade On Raise/Lower Mechanism [ Requires Missing S/S 550 mm Dia X 550 mm Deep Bowl. Mounted On Castors.] Driven By 3 Hp Motor.
Item Ref: N7945-09
150L Acme Planetary Paint Mixer
Mild Steel Planetary Paddle Mixer Mounted On Raise Lower Stand. Bowl Size 660mm Dia X 530mm Deep. Removable Bowl. Overall Size 1600mm X 1400mm X 2400mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10041-09
600L Vmi Rayneri Vac Mixer Ph600idt
Stainless Steel Vacuum Helical Mixing Arm With Scraper Driven By 22 Kw Belt Driven Motor. With Stainless Steel Hemispherical Bowl 1000mm Dia X 900mm Deep With Quick Release Lid And Raise Lower Frame To Lower Bowl To Floor. With Base Powder And Liquid Product Feed And Discharge. Overall Size Of Mixer 3200mm X 3000mm X 2400mm Tall. With Control Panel 1800mm X 700mm X 2100mm Tall. With 2 Off 300L Stainless Steel Portable Trolley Powder Feed Hoppers And Liquid Feed System.
Item Ref: N10420-09
1,000L Drais Vac Planetary Mixer FH1000
Mild Steel Torrmat Vacuum Change Pan Planetary Kneader Mixer 1,235mm Dia X 860mm Deep with 75mm dia outlet.  Pan mounted on wheels with Hydraulic Raise Lower Head with Planetary Transverible Shear Blades.  Belt driven by 30 kW Motor. Overall size 1,400mm X 2,950mm X 2,395mm    Closed Height 3,295mm    Open Height
Item Ref: N10241-09