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S/S & M/S Bowls For Planetary Mixer
Stainless Steel And Mild Steel Hobart Type Bowls From 5 L To 90 L Prices On Application
Item Ref: S8671-09
12 L Kenwood Peerless Bowl Mixer Km 120
With Stainless Steel Bowl And Beater..37 Kw 3 Speed Drive,Bench Mounting
Item Ref: S9074-09
20 L Hobart Bowl Mixer, S/S
With Steel Stainless Bowl With Mixer Blade. Bowl 240 mm Dia X 340 mm Deep. Overall Size 800 mm X 460 mm X 1200 mm Tall
Item Ref: N8399-09
20 L Hobart A200 Change Pan Mixer
Stainless steel bowl 320mm Dia x 250mm Deep.  0.37 kW, 3 phase Raise lower with 3 position speed selector. On/off switch mounted onto side. Supplied with dough hook, wire whisk and general purpose paddle blade tool. Overall size 500mm x 610mm x 1,230mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12017-09
23 L M/S Beken Mixer Bowls
Mild Steel, Jacketed And On Wheels. 320 X 310 mm Deep. Overall Dimensions 610 X 400 X 520 mm High.
Item Ref: S9750-09
40L Peerless M/S Bowl Mixer
Mild Steel Change Pan Mixer 400mm Dia X 400mm Deep Hemispherical Bowl. 3 Speed Drive. Overall Size 600mm X 810mm X 1400mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9379-09
40L Hobart Model Se401
Stainless Steel Bowl 350mm X 350mm Deep With Set Of Beater Whisk And Claw Blades With 3 Speed Gear Drive.
Item Ref: N9790-09
40L Ross wuxi model pdm-10 planetary disperser


·         Suggested mixing capacity: 12--35 liter

·         Full holding capacity:                45 liters


General Features

·         Vacuum design –0.095Mpa (vacuum pump is included)

·         Change-can design to allow the use of multiple mix cans

·         Air/oil hydraulic lift to raise & lower the disperser (100psi air required)

·         All interior and exterior stainless steel surfaces are polished to 80 grit finish.

·         All non-stainless steel exterior surfaces to be painted.

·         Explosion proof limit switches to prevent operation of drives when stirrers are in the raised position or when mix can is removed.


Materials of Construction

·         Stainless steel type 304 wetted parts


Vacuum Hood

·         SS304 construction material

·         Vacuum port & gauge

·         Heavy duty gearbox housing & gears

·         Two (2) 3” sight/charge ports, one of them supplied with explosion-proof light.


Mix Can

·         Quantity: One(1)

·         Designed for vacuum operation

·         SS304 wetted parts

·         Stainless steel jacket for water cooling or heating with an inlet and an outlet.

·         Quick couples were supplied with jacket inlet/outlet

·         Temperature probe inserted into the sidewall of the mix can ( to measure material temperature directly)

·         Stainless steel handles

·         1.5” valve



A) Planetary Stirrer Blade   

·         Two SS304 rectangular paddle blade design

·         7.5 HP motor with VFD

·         Stirrer speed:  10 -- 36 RPM.  Planetary speed: 10 – 39 RPM..


B) Bottom scraper & side scraper 



·         Explosion proof

·         380-volt, 3 phase, 50 Hz


Controls( to be supplied loose & installed in safety area)

·         Start / stop pushbuttons for the agitators

·         Variable Frequency Drives to vary the speed of the agitators

·         Speed digital readout for each agitator

·         Emergency Stop pushbutton

·         Temperature digital readout to read the actual product temperature

·         Voltage/Amp gauge

Item Ref: RC1362-03
40L Crypto Peerless Bowl S/S Mixer Em40
Stainless Steel Bowl 400mm Dia X 320mm Deep. Whisk Mixer Blade 0.9 kW drive. 
Overall Size 620mm X 840mm X 1,450mm Tall
Item Ref: N10219-09
40L Hobart Change Pan Mixer Model SE401
0.75 Kw 3 Speed Gear dive with mild steel bowl 350mm dia x 350 mm deep. Overall size 660mm x 660mm x 1300mm Tall
Item Ref: ND-11556-09
40L Peerless Bowl S/S Mixer M40

Stainless Steel Bowl 400mm dia x 420mm Deep.  Claw Mixer Blade 0.75 kW 3 Phase 3 Speed Drive.
Overall size 500mm x 900mm x 1,450mm tall.  Machine number: 9342
Item Ref: ND-11964-09
50L Hobart Bowl Mixer Type Se500
Stainless Steel Bowl 360mm Dia X 360mm Deep 3 Speed Motor Drive.
Item Ref: N9032-09