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Modular Cell Products Roller Apparatus
Typically For Use With Incubators. 7 Shelves Of 6 530mm Rollers With With 35mm Dia Rubber Rollers 123mm Pitch Belt Drive
Item Ref: N6203-50
150L Heraeus-Votsch Climatic VTRK 150
Heraeus-Votsch Climatic Test System Stainless Steel Chamber 500mm X 500mm X 550mm. 10 to 90 Deg. C.  1 Phase 220V  3 kW  Supply with R502 Ref Gas.
Overall Size 900mm X 1,200mm X 1,300mm Tall.  Weight 300 Kg.
Item Ref: N10445-50
185L Fison Fi-Totron Cabinet
Model Br185 H.Wcl.Lu. Stainless Steel Chamber 650mm X 560mm X 500mm Tall . Temperature Range +15 To +100 Deg.C. 1 Ph. Wet And Dry Cycle And Water Cooling.External Size 1105mm Long X 620mm Wide X 900mm Tall
Item Ref: N8598-50
226 L Drying Cabinet With Sliding Doors
New Cabinet With 3 Shelves Internal Size 567 M/M High 926 M/M Wide 430 M/M Deep,External Size 666 X 928 X 449 M/M
Item Ref: R247G-50
Environmental Chamber Heated Cooled S/S
Stainless Steel Chamber 610mm X 610mm X 610mmmade By Pern Engineering M/C No 0589 Internal Size 610mm Cube,Heated And Cooled,De-Humidity Control,Degree Dispersion Control, Water Cooling Control. Overall Size 1350mm X 1150mm X 2100mm Tall
Item Ref: N5442-50
600L Fison Environmental Cabinet
Model 600 H. Stainless Steel Chamber 1200mm Long X 600mm Wide X 820mm Tall. Temperature Range +15 To +45 Deg.C. Humidity 55% To 90% Rh+/- 5% Lighting To Give 2,000 To 25,000 Lux Air Exchange 6 Cycles Per Hour. Overall Size 1530mm X 790mm X 1550mm 1 Ph.
Item Ref: N9235-50
650L Gallenkamp Enviro Cabinet Pg660/C
Model Pg660/C/Ro/ Fi Stainless Steel Chamber Size 1200mm X 600mm X 900mm Tall Temp Range 5 To 40 Deg.C Humidity Range 50% To 95% Rh At 25Deg.C With Microprocessor Controlled Selector And Timer. Growth Height 800mm Airflow 0.2M/Sec Programmable Cooling Lighting To 35,000 Lux With Chart Recorder.
Item Ref: N9236-50
1600L Sanyo Gallenkamp Pharma Cabinet
Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Stability Test Chamber. Internal 2000mm X 980mm X 860mm Tall. 4 Place. 250 Volt Supply. Temp Range +10 To +50 Deg.C. 20 To 90% Humidity Range. With Pc Programable Control With Aquarec Uv Recirculation Purification System. Overall Size 2900mm X 1500mm X 2000mm Tall. Model No: Hcc200.Cf1.J Machine Numbers 8241 & 8169
Item Ref: N10032-50
Sanyo G-Kamp Environmental Cabinet Large
3500L Chamber Size Model Pp288oh/5/Rp-16 Stainless Steel Internal 2600mm X 800mm X 1700mm Tall. Single Phase With Temperature And 100 Per Cent Humidity. Designed For Seed Germination And Associated Applications. Full Specification Available
Item Ref: N6993-50
Panametric Humidity Indicator-Controller
Hygrometer System Iv -80 To 60 Deg C
Item Ref: S7915-50
Regin Humidity Controller 30-90% Rh
1% Accurate, Adjustable To Switch Controller On/Off
Item Ref: S7916-50
M Braun Glove Box System Mb150b-G-1
With Integrated Gas Purification to 1 Ppm. Box Fitted with Ante-Chamber and Vacuum Pump. 50 Devices can be installed without affecting purity.
Unit has built in Cooling and Filter
Item Ref: RC297-50