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Tenz Electrome TPU-8-01C Full Automatic Top Down Compact Powder Press
Tenz Electrome TPU-8-01C Full Automatic Top Down Compact Powder Press Machine
Designed to fill Compact powders , eye shadow etc. Output 25 -30 Pcs per min. 36 mm dia Compact, Overall size 800 mm x 1,200 mm x 1,920 mm height mounted on wheels.
Item Ref: ND-12577-23
Otto Hansel Twin Head S/S Filler 50 to 500Grm
Stainless Steel twin head filler fitted with 12 l S/s Poder feed hopper 400mm x 230mm x 280mm mixer in hopper 2 of 30mm dia fill auger filling 50 to 500 Grm can 80mm dia x 250mm high at a rate of 2,400 per hour with interchangeable chutes of the in feed conveyor automatic stop under filling station conveyor 190mm wide x 3,850mm long adjustment for filling by electronic counter  powder elevator 0.25 kW, Conveyor 0.75 kW and filler 0.95 kW.  Overall size 4,200mm x 1,900mm x 2,100mm tall 
Item Ref: ND-11604-23
Ward Bekker Check Weigher S/S Lz-Shd
Stainless Steel Check Weigher made by Prins Ward Bekker.   Model Lz-Shd Mini Weigher 250G to1,500G +/- 1/4% at 25 Pack Min with 170 mm X 100 mm Deep X 1,000 mm Long Coarse Feed Conveyor with Fine Feed Finger.   Auto/Manual Control.  Overall Size 1,400 mm X 550 mm X 2,100 mm Tall.  Machine No. 1544 Year 1991.
Item Ref: N10358-23
Form Filling Line To Fill Bags 26 to 100 g Bags
Comprises of  conveyor elevator 150 mm x 150 mm x 25 mm with 3,200 mm lift to 200 mm wide x 2,100 mm long to Isheda 10 Head weig er CCW-101 - RLC -R weigher and feeder to a Safeline 250 mm dia metal detector to a single head  Hassia form fill and sealer with vertical feed nozzle 100 mm dia to suit  overall size 1700 mm x 2400 mm x 2100 mm tall with Stainless steel platform 2960 mm x 2900 mm x 2700 mm tall with kicker plate and safety rails to suit.
Item Ref: ND-11729-23
Hassia Raditron Form Fill & Seal Rv2
Machine Type Rv2 Number 85/423 With 150mm& 250mm Jaws,Complete With Ward Becker Auger Filler & Block Feed Heated Printer,For Printing Bags.
Item Ref: N8488-23
Rovema Form Fill & Seal Machine SBS 250
Designed to fill 25g mini folded pouch bag with tap down &  250g to 500g
Bag width 40 - 155 mm
Bag depth 30 - 95 mm
Bag height 70 - 300 mm
to fill at a rate of up to 1, 200 bags per hour
Item Ref: ND-12102-23
G. Webb Automation HP5-Single Head Powder Filler
G. Webb Automation HP5-Single Head Powder Filler Pillar mounted with Stainless Steel 40L Feed Hopper, to 38mm dia Vertical Feed Auger, with Digital Controller with Load Cell table and foot actuation.
Machine number 871035. 
Overall size 1,000mm x 1,000mm x 2,300mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12068-23
DPS Powder Filler S/S 100g to 2,000g x 2g divisions
Stainless Steel DPS Powder Filler 100g to 2,000g x 2g divisions, with 60L S/S Feed Hopper to 225mm x 225mm load cell weigh, mounted on table to give a working height of 880mm       Made by Conforme Du Code Du Travail Machine number 14014.
Overall size 750mm x 140mm x 200mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12069-23
Driver Southall Type Vf4 Powder Filler
Stainless Steel 40L Feed Hopper and Auger with Auto/Manual Control with Microprocessor Gram/Rev Control.
Overall Size 1,000mm X 1,000mm X 2,500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N8583-23
Alite S/S Single Head Filler
Stainless Steel vertical single head filler with 40L feed hopper to feed auger. mounted on stand 1,000 mm x 800 mm x 1,860 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-11719-23
Johnson Lightnin S/S Single Head Powder Filler
Stainless Steel Volumetric pneumatic operated powder filler with 20L S/S agitated feed hopper to Volumetric filler head 250 mL to 5 L, mounted on a mild steel telescopic frame to give fill height of 850 mm. 
Overall size 750 mm  x  750 mm x 1,200 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12096-23
12 -50 Kg A.T. Accrafill S/S Sack Filler
Stainless Steel Valve sack filler serial number 2152 overall size aprox
800 mm x 1,000 mm x 2,100 mm tall

[ needs a new set of weights]
Item Ref: ND-12492-23