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Carier Belt & Bucket Elevator 6,600 mm lift
Mild Steel belt & bucket elevator with 150 mm x 100 mm x 60 mm deep buckets mounted to give 6,600 mm of lift. overall size 7,000 mm x 800 mm x 600 mm 
Item Ref: ND-12485-39
Elevator/Tipper For Tote Bins 1.8 M Lift
All Stainless Steel Construction Elevator And Tipper For Bins Up To 740 mm Dia Complete With Geared Drive
Item Ref: N6628-39
Lifting And Tilting Hopper Feeded S/S
Stainless Steel Trough 510 mm Dia 560 mm Long Mounted On Frame On Casters With Hand Operated Hydraulic Lifting Mechanism For Feeding The Contents Up To 1.8 M
Item Ref: N6151-39
Moretto V3JTSOR Venturi Feeder
Venturi feeder with Stainless Steel lance to pick up product with 15L catch pot 200mm dia x 500mm deep with 3 kw 3 phase rotary vacuum bower
Item Ref: ND-11542-39
Comav Automatic Bag Emptying Machine M/S Type SVR-600
Item Ref: ND-12439-39
Carrier Belt & Bucket M/S Elevator 11m Lift
Mild Steel Belt & Bucket Elevator with 100 buckets 300mm x 170mm x 95mm deep with 228mm pitch to give 1,1000mm of lift
Item Ref: ND-12001-39
Cakewalk Vibro Conveyor 910 X8000mm Long
Stainless Steel 910 mm Wide X 200 mm Deep Trough. 8000 mm Long Mounted On A Mild Steel Frame To Give 1220 mm Ground Clearance. Made By Acme Sluisno. 92124-8282 With 7.5 Kw Belt Drive. Manufactured In 1992.
Item Ref: N7621-39
Cakewalk Conveyor,S/S 910 Wide X 8000 Mm
Stainless Steel 910 mm Wide X 200 mm Deep Trough, 8000 mm Long. Mounted On Mild Steel Frame To Give 950 mm Ground Clearance. Made By Acme Sluis With 7.5 Kw Heenan Variable Speed Gear Drive.
Item Ref: N7622-39