N4470-12 : Torrance Attritor Type 200S S/S

Stainless Steel Attritor With 1220 Dia. 1220 mm Deep Holding Tank,Feed & Discharge By Ibex  Pump,Mild Steel Jacketed, 30 kw Drive, No: 692356

To supply in good working condition we plan to carry out the enclosed schedule.

1  strip down
2  test drive motor for resistance and earth
3  check gear box gears replace as required ,
4  Check and replace bearing & seals as required
5  check mill rotor shaft and rotor arms replace as required
6  inspect and check mill coupling stator
7  static test chamber
8  hydraulic test out cooling jacket- [Test Failed replaced mill chamber]
9  clean in side and outside
10  paint mild steel under coat and gloss paint
11  re assemble
12 service mill feed pump
13  replace bearings and seals
14 check pump seals suit client application replace as required
15  check pump drive resistance and earth - will supply new drive motor
16  check safety guards replace as required
17 clean and paint mild steel parts under coat and gloss