N9991-03 : 18.5 Kw Mastermix Hyd Sawtooth Mixer

Serviced and reworked detail as follows:

Mounted on mild steel frame with hydraulic raise lower. Mild steel housing to be fitted with 2.2 kw 23 Rpm hollow shafted gear drive with Stainless steel side wall paddle with PTFE hinged scrapers to suit tank profile. With center drive motor 11 kw  1440 Rpm mounted on mild Stee1 bell housing with  Stainless steel shaft 1000mm Long with With 250mm Dia Sawtooth Head .  Mild Steel Powder coated control panel with Isolator , E stop with door mounted Start- Stop light indication when on for each stirrer with Digital Inverter to give Variable Speed control for Sawtooth Mixer Drive And Scrap Surface Mixer. With Safety circuit to suit customer requirements.