ND-13267-12 : Augusts Muller Mixer M/S 55 kw

Mild Steel Cast Iron Chamber 2,130 mm dia x 1,200 mm deep with 760 mm dia x 125 mm face roller with aprox 55 kw geared drive
mounted on mild steel base

To service Augusts mixer plan to carry out works as described.

1     Strip down
2     Clean inside & out
3     Inspect and report findings
4     Strip down existing gear box replace bearing  and seals
5     Check gearbox remain serviceable
6     Check axial roller arm and scraper blade remain serviceable replace if required.
7     Replace bearings and seals as required.
8     Inspect roller ware plates replace as required.
9     Replace outlet valve bearings & seals supply new hydraulic actuator
10   Replace electric drive motor
11   Replace mild steel lid to suit clients installation with inspection manway, feed ports and extraction vent with hand hydraulic lift for cleaning
12   Paint under coat and gloss paint

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