ND-11952-03 : 45 Kw Silverson M/S Duplex Disintegrator/Dissolver

4 off Mild steel outer shafts 21/4" Dia x 2135mm long, central rotor shaft is 3" Dia, base slotted head stator is 305 mm dia with 36 off  12mm x 65mm slots mounting flange OD 585 mm dia. fitted with inverted 300 mm dia two bladed disintegrator rotor with 4 off static grinding teeth 75 mm deep. with bolt removable draft tube 580 mm dia x 610 mm deep. driven by 45 Kw 975 Rpm 3 phase TEFC Motor with mounting flange 830 mm x 660 mm to suit mixer tank bridge. overall height 3200 mm

Mixer unit required a complete rebuild, the only used item was the customers motor which was serviced, new shafts, new bearings, new rotors paddles & new stators supplied with mount flange to suit customers exisitng bridge