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40L Peerless Bowl S/S Mixer M40

Stainless Steel Bowl 400mm dia x 420mm Deep.  Claw Mixer Blade 0.75 kW 3 Phase 3 Speed Drive.
Overall size 500mm x 900mm x 1,450mm tall.  Machine number: 9342
Item Ref: ND-11964-09
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50L Hobart Bowl Mixer Type Se500
Stainless Steel Bowl 360mm Dia X 360mm Deep 3 Speed Motor Drive.
Item Ref: N9032-09
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50 L Collette Change Pan Mixer
Model Sm50 With Anchor Blade S/S Bowl 460 Dia. 350 mm Deep On Casters Stop Start Control Clockwise And Anticlockwise Stirring With Timer Overall Size 1100mm X 650mm X 1500mm Tall
Item Ref: S7226-09
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50L Hobart Mixer Type Se500
Stainless Steel Bowl 360mm Dia X 360mm Deep With Beater Blade. Three Speed Motor And Electrically Heated Water Jacket For Each Bowl.
Item Ref: N8988-09
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50L Hobart Change Pan Mixer Model SE50
0.75 Kw 3 speed Geared motor with 360mm dia x 360mm deep bowl and tool to suit overall size 1200mm x 650mm x 1440mm tall
Item Ref: ND-11557-09
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55L Kenwood Peerless Change Pan Mixer
With Stainless Steel Bowl and Beaters 410mm Dia X 350mm Deep with 3 Speed Control.
Overall size 610mm X 810mm X 1,500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10552-09
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60L Precision Mixer Sh606
Stainless Steel Bowl Mixer 460mm Dia X 460mm Deep with Beater and 2.2 kW 3 Speed Drive 3 Ph.
Item Ref: N9031-09
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60 L Hobart Mixer Type Se60
With Hand Raise Lower 60 L Stainless Steel Bowl But Adapter For 20 L Stainless Steel Bowl. Both With Tools.
Item Ref: S9865-09
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60L S/S Conti Bowl Mixer Pl60 3v
Stainless Steel Bowl 425mm dia X 425mm Deep with change parts beater and whisk 1.5 kW  3 Speed Gear Drive 3 Phase. Type Pl60 3V   No: 9900123.
Overall size 200mm X 810mm X 1,700mm Tall
Item Ref: N10217-09
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60L S/S Crypto Peerless Mixer PB60
Stainless Steel Bowl 460 mm Dia X 460 mm Deep with 2.2 kW Drive. Overall Size 800 mm X 900 mm X 1,500 mm tall.
Item Ref: N10485-09
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60L Talleres Miralles SS Vacuum Planetary Mixer
Stainless Steel Used Change Pan Planetary Mixer Model Mpv60 with 2 Off S/S Planetary Paddle Blade Type Agitators to suit Vacuum Chamber Approx 460 mm Dia X 460 mm Deep with Electrical Drive. Hydraulic Power Pack For Raise/Lower. Variable speed 37 to 110 Rpm. Includes Control Panel. Overall Size Approx 1,220mm X 1,000mm X 1,400mm Tall.
Item Ref: RC1360L-09
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60L Hobart Bowl Mixer Type SE600
With Hand Raise/Lower mechanism to suit  Stainless Steel bowl  size 460mm X 460mm Deep with Beater arm paddle. 0.75 kW drive 3 phase Drive. Overall Size 890mm X 660mm X 1,700mm Tall      No. 1377484

Item Ref: ND-12224-09
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