1,000L S/S JKTD Webster Hemispherical Contra Rotational Vacuum Mixer

Stainless Steel Chamber with Mild Steel Jacket Contra Rotating Scraped Surface Jacketed Mixer With Hemispherical Bottom 1250mm Dia X 1250mm Deep With Outer Scrape Anchor And Centrally Contra Paddles. Bottom Entry Shearhead  Mixer about 11 Kw 1450 Rpm Drive. Variable Speed Anchor Scrape Mixer 5.5Kw 6.48 Rpm. Chamber W.P. 1.4 Bar/Full Vacuum. Test Pressure 2.1 Bar.  Jacket W.P 3.44 Bar/ Full Vacuum Test Pressure 5.16 Bar Design Temp 150 Deg.c.. Unit Type 1-35 With Hydraulic Raise Lower Lid. Overall Size aprox 2,200mm X 2,200mm X 4500mm Tall.

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