Neutche type

0.063 Porcelain Neutche Vacuum Filter
Porcelain Neutche Vacuum Filter 200 mm dia x 150 mm deep with removable top.  370 mm overall height.
Item Ref: ND-12383-18
0.125 sq. m Porcelain Neutche Vacuum Filter
Porcelain Filter 400mm dia with 240mm deep removable top.  Overall height 770mm
Item Ref: 12152-18
0.25 Sq.m Guedu S/S JKTD Filter Drier Type ML250
Stainless Steel Jacketed Filter Drier Chamber about 600 mm Dia x 450mm Deep with FLP geared motor  drive for filter bed agitator with hydraulic raise lower. Filter/ Drier bed mounted on wheels for removal side mounted solids discharge valve.
Item Ref: 11673-18
0.25 Sq.m S/S PTFE Eurovent Calmic JKTD Monoplate Filter Drier
Stainless Steel throughout internal PTFE Halar lined chamber 610mm Dia 310mm deep with 25mm Dia Outlet. With dish top with Hand Hydraulic tilt lid.  Top with 125mm dia and 2 of 25mm dia inlets. With hand operated filter cake scraper arm.  Internal design duty full vacuum, Outer jacket 6 bar 100 Deg.c test pressure 8.4 Bar. Overall size 1200mm x 1000mm x 1700mm tall No: 219897 1997. 
Item Ref: N10916-18
1.27 Sq.M M/S Glass Lined Comber JKTD Filter Drier PFS 1000
Mild Steel Glass Lined Jacketed Neutche Type Filter - Drier Chamber  5 Bar - Vacuum Jacket 5 bar temperature -10 to +200 Deg.C. Overall size 1,250 mm dia x 1,000 mm deep with 250 mm dia outlet. Overall size 2,000 mm x 3,500 mm x 4,000 mm tall. 

Item Ref: ND-12463-18
2.32Sq.M S/S Flat Bed Vacuum Filter, New
1520 X 1520 X 1220 mm Deep With Perforated Screen 460 mm From Top
Item Ref: R531A-18
2.32 Sq.M Rubber Ld Flat Bed Filter New
Suitable For Vacuum, 1520 X 1520 X 1220 mm Deep With Polypropylene Filter Plate At 460 mm Depth.
Item Ref: R531B-18
5 Sq.m Rosenmund S/S JKTD Nutsche Filter/Drier
about 2,600 mm dia x X Approx. 5000mm Overall With Centre Driven Scraped Cake Discharge. Chamber Designed For Full Vacuum. Jacket Designed For 3.2 Bar W.P. Overall Size Approx. 2600mm Dia X 5560mm Tall.

Item Ref: ND-13292-18