ND-13189-01 : 2,400L Fryma JKTD Reactor VME-2400

Stainless Steel chamber & Jacket 1,600 mm dia x 1,550 mm deep dished top & bottom with 120 mm dia outlet. Chamber rated Vacuum -1 bar , Jacket rated 2.5 bar, mounted on mild steel frame with hydraulic raise lower centre mounted 7.5 kw 22 rpm anchor scrap stirrer. 30 kw 970 rpm saw tooth mixer with 350 mm dia mixer head, colloid mill homogeniser drive missing   Overall size  3,325 mm x 2,000 mm x 3,325 mm closed height, with 4,400 mm open height.

Unit Stripped down, Pressure tested as per makers stamp, original raise lower ram and bearings replaced with new, new center anchor paddle drive  new bearings, seals and sprockets  fitted, New Rigal Bennett Sawtooth Mixer & Rigal Bennett Shearhead mixer supplied to suit client with New, CIP spray balls  and other connections to suit client, new lid seal fitted, New flush mounted bottom out let and 2 off flush mounted bottom powder feed connections to suit application,  new lid seal fitted with new Gee clamps to suit lid.  All remaining mild steel parts under coated and gloss painted. New raise lower powder pack with new control panel with each stirrer having digital inverter speed control and controlling features to suit application.