0.12 SQ.M Pneumapress Automatic Pressure Filter

PNEUMAPRESS Automatic Pressure FilterManufactured by Pneumapress Filter Corp. 301 Ohio Avenue, Richmond, CA, United States

Year of construction: 2005 Limited use and in good condition

The Pneumapress Automatic Pressure Filter is a modular press and filter system for separating solids and liquids. The fully automatic system is operated from a touch panel in which the statuses of all operations are displayed. One operating cycle comprises the following operations:

Closing, Filling/filtration,Cake wash (optional),Blow down/filtration, Opening,Discharging (with simultaneous belt cleaning) The filter press has 1(single) filter plate with an area of 1.3 square feet. Wetted filter components are constructed from 316 stainless steel. The automatic pressure filter system consists of the following components with rough sizes: Filter press footprint (L*W*H): 190*155*220 cm Housing 304 stainless steel with Lexan polycarbonate windows (L*W*H): 310*310*212 cm Hydraulic power unit (HPU) manufactured by Royal Hydraulics. Powered by a 10HP, 380 VAC, 50Hz electric motor driving two hydraulic pumps. (L*W*H): 105*100*100 cm PLC control panel manufactured by Allen Bradley

Utilities:Electricity: 220/240 VAC 50Hz single phase, 380/400 VAC 50Hz 3-phase, Instrument air: 7 bars,  Hot or cold tap water,Steam: 5 bars(optional)

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