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220L M/S Portable Tank
Mild Steel Portable Tank 700mm Dia X 700mm Deep. Flat Sloping Bottom To 50mm Dia Outlet. Mounted On 3 Off Wheels.
Item Ref: N10108-08
260 L M/S Vertical Tank
640 mm Dia. X 800 mm Deep With Dish Bottom To 12 & 80 mm Dia. Outlets With Flat Bolt On Top. Mounted On 3 Legs To Give 460 mm Ground Clearance.
Item Ref: N7727-08
400L M/S Portable Tank
Mild Steel Portable Tank 850mm Dia X 850mm Deep. Flat Sloping Bottom To 75mm Dia Outlet. Mounted On 3 Off Wheels.
Item Ref: N10107-08
910 L M/S Open Topped Tank Rectangular
Mild Steel Tank 1220 X 1070 X 810 mm Deep With 38 mm Outlet. Mounted On Rsj
Item Ref: N4428-08
3800 L M/S Horizontal Tank
Mild Steel 1400 mm Dia. X 2500 mm Long With Dished Ends. Top Centre 360 mm Dia Inlet. 180 mm, 3 X 150 mm, 90 mm And 40 mm Inlet Connections. Both Ends With 40 mm Dia Outlet Connections.
Item Ref: N7912-08
3800 L Mild Steel Horizontal Vessel
Mild Steel Vessel 1400 M/M Dia 2500 M/M Long With Dished Ends,Top With 480 M/M Manway,4 Off 100 M/M 1 Off 50 M/M & 25 M/M,One End With 100 M/M The Other With 2 Off 50 M/M Connections Mounted On Mild Steel Saddles
Item Ref: N7878-08
4000 L M/S Rectangular Tank Open Top
1630 X 1470 X 1750 mm Deep
Item Ref: N7247-08
11000L M/S Vertical Enclosed Tank

Mild Steel 2000mm Dia X 3800mm Tall. Flat Bottom With 2 Off 76mm Bsp Outlets. Dish Top With Centre 450mm Manway. 2 Off 75mm Bsp Inlets. Made By Joseph Ash To Bss799g Standard. (Used For Solvent And Light Oil) overall height 4200mm.

Item Ref: N9779-08
50,000L M/S Horizontal Storage Tank
Mild Steel Horizontal Storage Tank 2740mm Dia X 8,535mm Long Dished Ends Mounted On Mild Steel Cradle.
Item Ref: RC1072-08