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25L Giusti S/S Elec Scraped Mixer
Stainless Steel Electrically Heated Jacket 290mm Dia X 450mm Deep To 48mm Dia Outlet With Electrically Heated Jacket, Bottom Entry Anchor Scrape Paddle, S/S Hinged Lid Mounted On S/S Frame 760mm X 500mm X 840mm Tall. With Hand Tilt To Clean. Manuf 1985. Machine No. 9868.
Item Ref: N9964-01
30L S/S JKTD Anchor Stirrer
Stainless Steel 600mm dia x 580mm deep with 100 mm dia outlet mounted on 4 stainless steel legs to give 460 mm ground clearance. with Stainless steel anchor paddle stirrer with PTFE hinged scrapers 0.75 Kw 34 Rpm. Overall size 700 mm x 650mm x 1,900 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-11694-01
225L Giusti S/S Scraped Mixer
Stainless Steel Scraped Tilting Mixer 800mm Dia X 920mm Full Depth with Hemispherical Bottom to 75mm Dia Outlet with Horizontally Mounted Scraped Agitator 1.5 kW 30 rpm.
Mounted on S/S Frame 1,400mm X 1,600mm X 1,440mm Tall   Closed 1,900mm   Open Height with Hand Hydraulic Tilt for Cleaning.
Made by Giusti   Test Pressure 8.25 Bar  Working Pressure 5.5 Bar.
Item Ref: S10029-01
250L S/S Tourell C/Rotating Scrape Mixer
Stainless Steel with Mild Steel Jacket 800mm Dia X 640mm Deep. Hemispherical Pan to 50mm Dia Bottom Outlet with S/S Lid Hinged at One-Third with 4 kW Drive. Overall size 1,500mm X 2,000mm X 1,900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9128-01
260L S/S Jktd Scraped Anchor Mixer 1.1 kW
Stainless Steel Water Jacketed Zero Pressure. 620mm Dia X 860mm Deep. Dish Bottom to 50mm Iss Outlet. Mounted on 4 Legs to give 150mm Ground Clearance. With Scraped Anchor Stirrer 1.1 kW 70 Rpm with Croft Box size F13. Overall size 1,200mm X 1,200mm X 2,400mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9115-01
300L S & W Scrape Surface JKTD Hemispherical Tilting Pan
Stainless Steel jacketed hemispherical tilting pan with anchor scraped stirrer 950mm Dia X 670mm with 2.2 kW geared motor mounted on stainless steel frame with hand hydraulic pump to lift stirrer frame and it tilt pan for discharge.  Made by S & W test pressure 165 P.S.I
Overall size 2,700mm X 1,500mm X 2,000mm tall  closed open about 3,000mm
Item Ref: ND-11606-01
325 L S/S Jktd Scraped Tilting Mixer
Stainless Steel Tilting Mixer 830mm Dia 600mm On Straight with Dished Bottom. Mild Steel Pressure Jacket. 75 kW  12 Rpm Geared Drive.
Item Ref: S8813-01
350L S/S Jktd Tilting Mixer
1,000 mm dia X 780mm Deep with 1.1 kW Gear Drive. Gate Agitator Unit on A Frames with Hand Worm Tilting.
Item Ref: S8867-01
420L S/S Jktd Anchor Mixer 2.2 kW
Stainless Steel with Mild Steel Jacket 750 mm Dia X 950 mm Deep. Dish Bottom To 25 mm Dia Outlet.  Mounted On 4 Off Legs to give 100 mm Clearance.  Fitted with 2.2 kW 30 Rpm Anchor Stirrer.  W.P. 45 Psi.  T.P. 68 Psi.  Made by SSV.
Item Ref: N9271-01
460L S/S JKTD Hemispherical Scraped Surface Mixer
Stainless Steel Hemispherical Chamber with mild steel outer jacket previous use at WP 60 PSI  TP 90 PSI. 1020 mm dia x 810mm deep with 75mm dia outlet.  Mounted on four legs to give 600mm ground clearance. With stainless steel lid and bridge to suit stirrer.
Item Ref: ND-11769-01
560L S/S Jktd Scraped Anchor Mixer
Stainless Steel Jktd with Rockwool Insulation and S/S Cladding 1,100 mm Dia X 670 mm deep.  Dish Bottom with 50 mm dia outlet.  Stainless steel lid and bridge with hinged lid. S/S Anchor with Ptfe scrapers to suit. 4 kW 26 rpm drive. 
W. P. approx 3 Bar. Overall height 2,130 mm with 700 mm ground clearance.
Item Ref: N9583-01
675L S/S Jktd Scraped Surface Mixer
Stainless Steel Hemispherical Mixer with S/S Jacket 1,000 mm Dia 1,000 mm Deep to 75 mm outlet.  Mounted on legs to give 910 mm clearance.1.5 kW 11-68 rpm V/Speed Agitator bridge mounted with R-B Shearhead Mixer 7.5 kW.
Made by Giusti Jk T.P.80   W.P.40 Psi.  Overall height 2,550 mm.
Item Ref: N8360-01