Tanks Pressure/Vacuum Vertical S/S

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400 Ml Stainless Steel Pressure Pot
75mm.Dia 90mm.Deep Suitable For 10 Bar Pressure With Pressure Gauge And Safty Valve
Item Ref: S9217-55
1.4L S/ S Pressure Pot Wp 100 Psi
Stainless Steel 240mm Dia X 260mm Deep. Working Pressure 100 Psi With 3/4" Dia In/Outlet With 100mm X 80mm Oval Cleaning Port.
Item Ref: N8680-05
3L S/S Catch Pot With Quick Release Lid
Stainless Steel Catch Pot 150mm Dia X 200mm Deep
Item Ref: N10618-05
4 L S/S Pressure Vessel
230 mm Dia X 100 mm Deep With Dished Top And Bottom. Inwards/Outwards Clamp Hand Hole. 6 mm Dia Inlet/Outlet And Safety Plug.
Item Ref: S9837-05
12L S/S Mechanical Seal Gas Pressurised Buffer Tank SSE 12
Stainless Steel 316 grade Mechanical Seal Gas Pressurised Buffer Tank SSE 12  WP  VSE /VesselWP-KIT-12 with vessel kit [ new and unused] 
Item Ref: ND-11601-05
36 L S/S Vertical Separator Vessel
Stainless Steel 228 mm Dia. X 890 mm Tall. Dish Top & Bottom. 50 mm Dia. Outlet. Side 100 mm Dia, Top 50 & 38 mm Dia. Connections. W.P. 4.7 Bar Or 1 Torr. Made By Wiegand.
Item Ref: N7767-05
45 L S/S Barrel Or Pressure Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel 400 mm Dia X 400 mm Deep With 50 mm And 25 mm Top Connections. Barrel Hooped And Stiffened. Overall Dimensions 430 Dia X 510 mm Tall. W.P. 15 Psi
Item Ref: S10063-05
50L S/S Vertical Separator Vessel
Stainless Steel 300mm Dia X 600mm Deep. Dish Top And Bottom With 38mm Inlet. 25mm Bottom Outlet. Side 150mm Inspection Port And 2 Off 25mm Connections. Rated Full Vacuum. Made By Forcou Machine No. 574.
Item Ref: N9954-05
70 L S/S Pressure Vessel 85 Psi
460 Dia. 460 mm Deep With Dished Top And Bottom. 150 mm Dia Quick Release Lid, 2 X 6 mm Inlets, Side Inlet 6 mm, Bottom Outlet 6 mm. Mounting Brackets On Side
Item Ref: N6246-05
110 L S/S Pressure Vacuum Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel 400 Dia. 840 mm Deep. 2 X 25 & 20 mm Bsp Top Connections. 25 & 2 X 20 mm Bottom Outlets. 100 mm Side Connection. Test Pressure 600 Psi. Working Pressure 300 Psi.
Item Ref: N5460-05
125L S/S Vertical Enclosed Tank
Stainless Steel 430mm Dia X 850mm Tall. Dish Top And Bottom. One End With 2 Off 19mm Connections. Other With 2 Off 12mm Connections..
Item Ref: N9696-05
130 L S/S Vertical Pressure Vessel
460 Dia. X 770 mm Tall. Dish Top & Bottom. Top With 2 X 50 & 25 mm Dia. Inlets. Mounted On 4 Mild Steel Legs To Give 300 mm Ground Clearance.
Item Ref: N7710-05