Refrigeration Tunnel/Chamber

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20L Groenland Model Ct125n Fridge
Fridge Chamber Size 160mm X 330mm X 460mm Tall. Top Loading. 1 Ph. Supply.
Item Ref: N9623-50
Lerose Vertical Freezer -80 Deg C
Stainless Steel Internal Size 1160 mm High 540 mm Wide 400 mm Deep
Item Ref: S9533-28
430L Dari-Kool Refrig. Mixing Vessel
Stainless Steel Vessel 860mm Dia X 750mm Deep. Flat Sloping Bottom To 50mm Dia Rjt Slipper Outlet With Full Hinged S/S Lid Fitted With Off Centre 14 Watt 35 Rpm Paddle Mixer 1 Ph With Regfrigeration Unit To Cool Jacket. Overall Size 2000mm X 1150mm X 1500mm Tall .
Item Ref: N9571-04
1200L Gram S/S upright freezer F1270 RSH

Stainless Steel upright freezer with twin door access with 8 shelves temp range -5 to - 25 deg.c internal size 1200mm x 650mm x 1320mm tall external size 1400mm x 900mm x 2000mm tall.

Item Ref: N10696-28