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350L S/S Steelshaw Hynetic Mill 30Kw Flp
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket 800mm Dia X 760mm Deep Chamber With Kady Mill Homogeniser Head. Driven By 30Kw 2900 Rpm Flp Motor. Overall Size 1900mm X 1100mm X 1400mm.
Item Ref: N8656-12
390 L S/S Heavy Duty Paddle Paste Mixer
Stainless Steel 910 Dia X 910 mm Face With Plough & Paddle Agitator Blades. Top With 125, 63 & 3 X 25 mm Bsp Inlets & 450 X 280 mm Manway With Bottom 100 mm Dia Outlet. Driven By 4 Kw 28 Rpm Gear Drive. Made By J.W. Welch.
Item Ref: N7831-09
400L M/S Jktd B/Perkins Z Blade Mixer
Mild Steel Jacketed Sigma Z Blade 1025mm X 900mm X 750mm Deep. Bottom Discharge With 2 Off 150mm Outlets With 37Kw Flp Gear Drive. Overall Size 2700mm X 1800mm X 2500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N8999-09
400L S/S Kady Mill
With 30Kw Drive. Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket. 800mm Dia X 800mm Deep With A 215mm Dia Rotor Fitted With Pneumatic Lid.
Item Ref: RC758-12
400L M/S E Claw Vac Mixer 15 kW
Mild Steel E-Claw Mixer Contra Rotation Mixer Chamber 1,080mm X 1,000mm X 750mm Deep with Radiused Lid to suit vacuum      Each blade driven by 18.5 kW  Geared Drive Motor.
Overall Size 2,800mm X 2,200mm X 2,400mm Tall        Weight 6,250 Kg.
Item Ref: N10000-09
450 L Winkworth S/S Jktd Z Blade Mixer
Type 43 Z Stainless Steel Mixer With Mild Steel Jacket.1090mm X 959mm X 737mm. With Hydraulic Tilt Discharge Driven By 15 Kw Geared Drive Overall Size 3000mm X 1600 X 1100mmtall When Closed.2200mm When Open Model 43Z Ss Dd Jktd
Item Ref: N8030-09
450L Vickers S/S Z Blade Type 43Z
Stainless Steel Mixer 1092mm X 960mm X 740mm Deep With Hydraulic Tilt Discharge. Driven By 15Kw Gear Drive. 2200mm X 2500mm X 1600mm Tall. In Discharge Position 2600mm.
Item Ref: N8554-09
500L Iozelli Twin Paddle Mixer Extruder
Stainless Steel Interrupted Paddles Trough Size 800 mm X 1,800 mm X 570 mm Deep to 150 mm Dia x 550 mm long Extruder to Die plate. Each Paddle with 2.2 kW Drive.  Extruder with approx. 22 kW Drive.  Overall size 2,500 X 1,200 X 1,800 mm .
Item Ref: N9201-09
500L Unitron Scraped Tilting Cooker
500L Stainless Steel Vessel 1,200mm dia x 800mm deep with 4 kW scraped anchor  mixer. Variable speed 4 to 15 rpm fitted with 9 kW Beater Paddle 38 to 97 rpm  variable speed drive. Chamber for 15 psi or vacuum. S/S Jacket for 90 psi Working Pressure. 2.2 kW hydraulic lid lift & bowl tilt with 50mm dia  bottom outlet. Unimix Model RU-V1-500  Made by Crown Chemtech.  Overall size 2,000mm x 1,500mm x 900mm tall
Item Ref: N6955-01
590 L Planetary Mixer Heated & Tilting
940 Dia. 890 mm Deep. Stainless Steel With Electric Jacket And 1.5 Kw Variable Speed Geared Drive
Item Ref: S6791-09
600L Tonnaer Single Arm Mixer
Stainless Steel Jacketed with Vacuum Chamber.  Single Arm T-Shape Mixing Blades.  Chamber 1,000mm X 900mm X 1,100mm Tall.   Motorized Tilt Discharge fitted with dome swing bolt vacuum lid.                                                                    Supplied with Vemeg Hydraulic Tote Bin Lift System.
Overall size 3,500mm X 1,400mm X 2,000mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9123-24
600L Papenmeier High Intensity Mix Ts630
Stainless Steel Jacketed High Intensity Mixerw ith Under driven 2 Speed Motor 63/80 kW, 735/1,480 rpm Cutter Paddle drive. Chamber 910mm dia X 1,000mm Deep. With 300mm dia outlet  Mounted 750mm Clear Stainless Steel Lid with 2 Off 250mm dia and 150mm dia connection with 140mm dia Sight Glass
Overall Size 3,000mm X 1,500mm X 2,500mm Tall.    Machine Number 4220
Item Ref: N10021-09