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William Boulton Pug Mill M/S 100Mm Dia
Extruder Type 100mm Pug 2 Stage.130mm.X 175mm.Mixer Feed.125mm.X 125mm.Extruder Feed With 100mm.Dia Auger.1.5 Kw Variable Speed Drive.
Item Ref: N8358-09
Beken 110L S/S Vacuum Paste Mixer
Stainless Steel Vertical Z Blades on Raise Lower Mechanism [requires S/S Bowls 560 Dia. 510mm Deep mounted on Casters Missing]  Overall size 135mm.X 63mm.X 193mm High
Item Ref: N6431-09
Beken 110 L S/S Vacuum Paste Mixer
Stainless Steel Vertical Two Blade On Raise/Lower Mechanism [ Requires Missing S/S 550 mm Dia X 550 mm Deep Bowl. Mounted On Castors.] Driven By 3 Hp Motor.
Item Ref: N7945-09
William Boulton Screw Extruder Junior Da
Mild Steel Single Screw 125mm Dia.Mixer Feed 125mm.X 175mm. 125mm.X 175mm. Extruder Feed 75mm.Extruder Head With 1.5 Kw Variable Speed Gear Drive
Item Ref: N8359-09
Wenger Lx25 S/S Single Screw Extruder
Stainless Steel Extruder/Cooker 130mm Dia X 1100mm Long With 180mm X 120mm Feed With 5 Off Heat/Cooling Jacket Zones. With Centre Auger Cored For Heating/Cooling. Unit Thru To 200mm Dia Vertical Discharge With Rotary Extruder Cutter Plate. Driven By 11Kw 58-249 Rpm Drive. Mounted On Structure With An Overall Size Of 3000mm X1500mm X 2000mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9972-09
150L Acme Planetary Paint Mixer
Mild Steel Planetary Paddle Mixer Mounted On Raise Lower Stand. Bowl Size 660mm Dia X 530mm Deep. Removable Bowl. Overall Size 1600mm X 1400mm X 2400mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10041-09
T.K.Fielder Rapid H/Speed Mixer Hmai50
Stainless Steel Bowl High Intensity Mixer 800 M/M Dia With 70 L Batch Size Total Volume 150 L Mixing Impellor Drive 7.5/11 Kw 130/260 Rpm With Standard Lid And Discharge Overall Size 1500 M/M Cube
Item Ref: N8185-10
Nuova Euromec Twin Screw Extruder 70/Fs
Stainless Steel body with Nylon Twin Screws 160mm dia X 1,000mm Long.  Fed by 2 Off 110mm dia X 400mm Face Cutter Rotors to Feed Main Extruder.  Driven by 35 kW drive. Water Cooled Jacket with 150mm X 100mm Cutter.                        Unit  currently fitted with a 90mm X 45mm dischargeplate.
Overall size 2,400mm X 1,400mm X 1,750mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9517-09
Extrud-O-Mix M/S Jktd 150 Dia X 460Mm
Mild Steel Single Screw Mixer Extruder 150 mm Dia X 460mm Long Screw, 75 X 100 mm Feed Port With 7.5Kw Drive Motor.
Item Ref: N6832-09
Twin Screw Baker Perkins Mixer/Extruder
Stainless Steel Jacketed. Main Rotor Mixer 170mm Dia X 1800mm Long . Chamber Dims 340mm Wide X 180mm Tall X 1800mm Long. 5.5Kw 74 Rpm Gear Drive To Twin Screw Cross Feed Extruder Head Mounted At 90 Degrees With 70mm Dia X 850mm Long Rotors. Chamber 140mm Wide X 70mm Deep X 850mm Long With 0.75Kw 103 Rpm Drive. Unit With 180mm X 200mm Inlet And 100mm Dia Outlet. Jacket W.P. 35 Psi. T.P. 50 Psi. Overall Size 3200mm X 1300mm X 1150mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9301-24
180L Weldon M/S 'T' Arm Mixer
Mild Steel Un-Used 610mm Dia X 910mm Face With 460mm X 460mm Inlet With 50mm Outlet. Mounted On Legs To Give 650mm Ground Clearance. Currently Bare Shafted. 3Kw To 120 Rpm.
Item Ref: N9374-10
200 L Unitron Scraped Tilting Cooker
Stainless Steel Vessel 900 mm Dia X 500 mm Deep. Scraped Mixer Forward And Reverse. Paddle Mixer Forward And Reverse. Chamber 15 Psi Or Vacuum. Jacket 90 Psi. Bottom Outlet 150 mm. Overall Dimensions 1500 X 1300 X 1700 mm Tall.
Item Ref: S9773-01