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70 L Gardner M/S Jktd Paste Mixer
Jacketed Mixer 400 X 375 X 580 mm Deep With E Claw Contra Rotating Blades Driven From Both Ends With 4 Kw Drives 19 Rpm,Mounted On M/S Frame
Item Ref: N3886-09
70 L Gardner S/S Jacketed Paste Mixer
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket 400 M/M X 375 M/M X 580 M/M Deep With E Claw Contra Rotating Blades Driven From Both Ends By 2 Hp 19 Rpm Geared Drive Mounted On Mild Steel Frame To Give 1000 M/M Ground Clearance Service Ladder
Item Ref: N7240-09
Gladstone SS Super Pugmill Extruder G75
Stainless Steel Jacketed Superpug Mill Designed to Masticate and Extrude Product Chamber 2 Off 75 mm Dia Augers X 750 mm Long Chamber Feed 250 mm X 150 mm with 60 mm Dia Discharge Point to fit Extruder Profile.   Adjustable Heat Source to Both Extruder Body and Discharge Cone with 5.5 kW 18 Rpm Geared Drive Motor with Inverter Speed Control.   Overall size of unit 750 mm X 1,800 mm X 1,700 mm Tall.
Item Ref: RC1328-09
80L S/S Baker Perkins Z Blade Mixer
Stainless Steel Sigma Blade Mixer 510mm X 530mm X 530mm Deep With Motorised Screw Tilt Discharge. 11 Kw Geared Drive Motor Through To Belt. Overall Size 1800mm X 1800mm X 1800mm.
Item Ref: N10416-09
80L Hobart Bowl Mixer Me800
With Mild Steel Bowl 480mm Dia X 480mm Deep With Beater Blade. 1.5Kw 4 Speed Gear Drive. Overall Size 900mm X 1100mm X 1800mm Tall. (New Stainless Steel Bowl And Blade Can Be Supplied At Extra Cost)
Item Ref: N9422-09
85L Artofex M/S Planetary Mixer Rg121
Mild Steel Hemispherical Bowl 580mm Dia X 480mm Deep With Motorised Raise Lower Bowl Driven By 5.5 Kw 4 Speed Geardrive. Overall Size 1100mm X 1200mm X 2700mm Tall
Item Ref: N10414-09
90 L Hunt Duratex S/S Bowl Mixer
4 Speed Drive With Stainless Steel Bowl And Whisk
Item Ref: S9666-09
95 L M/S B Perkins Jktd Z Blade Mixer
Mild Steel Mixer Chamber Size 510 mm X 520 mm X430 mm Deep Handwheel Tilt.5.5 Kw Flameproof Geared Drive Overall Size 2,300mm X 1,000mm X 1500mm Tall Closed Height.
Item Ref: S9660-09
100 L Morton M/S Z Blade Mixer
Mild Steel Mixer Pan Size 520 mm X 520 mm X 510 mm Deep.Hand Wheel Tilt Overall Size 1300mm X 910mm X 1900 Tall
Item Ref: S9669-09
Agusta Mono Mill No.3
With 22Kw Drive.
Item Ref: RC759-12
100 L Bear Planetary Mixer
Stainless Steel Bowl 500 mm Dia. 400 mm Deep With Dough Hook. Overall Size 1400 M/M High 600 M/M Wide
Item Ref: S8840-09
100 L M/S Two Wing Type Blade Mixer 2 Hp
Beken Blade Unit 480 mm Cube With Tilting Discharge
Item Ref: S8336-09