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3L Papenmeier High Speed Mixer Thk8
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket High Intensity Mixer 220mm Dia X 220mm Deep With Hinged Lid. Tilt Discharge With Direct Coupled 1.8/2.2Kw Motor. 3 Bar W.P. In Jacket. Overall Size 700mm X 350mm X 970mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9732-09
10L Papenmeier High Speed Mixer Thk35
Stainless Steel Chamber With Mild Steel Jacket High Intensity Mixer 360mm Dia X 340mm Tall. Removable Lid. Tilt To Discharge With Direct Coupled 5/7Kw 710/1440 Rpm Drive Motor. Jacket 3 Bar W.P. Overall Size 1100mm X 1100mm X 1200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9731-09
54 L B-Perkins Hydisperser S/S Jktd
Baker Perkins Stainless Steel Hydisperser High Intensity Mixer 400 Dia. 510 mm Deep Bowl. Swing Lid With Quick Release Clamps 7.5 Kw 4 Speed Under Driven W.P.Chamber Vacuum & 10 Psi,Jkt 20 Psi,50 mm Bottom Side Outlet,
Item Ref: N4111-09
70L S/S Steel Cowlishaw High Disp 11 kW
Stainless Steel high intensity mixer 460mm dia X 420mm deep.  Dish bottom to 75mm dia side outlet. With hinged top lid with sight glass.  Belt driven by 11 kW 960 rpm motor.
Overall size 700M X 1,600mm X 1,200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9849-09
T.K.Fielder Rapid H/Speed Mixer Hmai50
Stainless Steel Bowl High Intensity Mixer 800 M/M Dia With 70 L Batch Size Total Volume 150 L Mixing Impellor Drive 7.5/11 Kw 130/260 Rpm With Standard Lid And Discharge Overall Size 1500 M/M Cube
Item Ref: N8185-10
400L S/S Kady Mill
With 30Kw Drive. Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket. 800mm Dia X 800mm Deep With A 215mm Dia Rotor Fitted With Pneumatic Lid.
Item Ref: RC758-12
600L Papenmeier High Intensity Mix Ts630
Stainless Steel Jacketed High Intensity Mixerw ith Under driven 2 Speed Motor 63/80 kW, 735/1,480 rpm Cutter Paddle drive. Chamber 910mm dia X 1,000mm Deep. With 300mm dia outlet  Mounted 750mm Clear Stainless Steel Lid with 2 Off 250mm dia and 150mm dia connection with 140mm dia Sight Glass
Overall Size 3,000mm X 1,500mm X 2,500mm Tall.    Machine Number 4220
Item Ref: N10021-09
750L M/S Tweedy2 Mixer 75 Kw
Mild Steel Baker Perkins Tweedy2 High Intensity Mixer 1200mm Dia X 700mm Deep With Approx 75 Kw Drive Motor
Item Ref: RC1238A-09