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600L S/S Jktd Atbc U-Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel Water Jacketed U Trough Mixer Blender with 2 Off 3.75 kW  Heating Elements.  
Stainless Steel Trough Internal Size 850 mm X 1,020 mm X 1,020 mm Deep with Bottom Centre 100 mm Outlet. 
Mounted on frame to give 700 mm Ground Clearance. Hinged Top with Hinged Lid with 900 mm X 600 mm Opening with Safety Grid with approx 5.5 kW Variable Speed Gear Drive 10 to 45 Rpm. 
Overall Size 1,100 mm X 2,400 mm X 2,000 mm Tall.
Made by Apparate Und Behalter Technik Harislee Gmbh   Type Mh1
Item Ref: N10460-10
650L S/S Gardner U-Trough Mixer

Stainless Steel Interrupted Ribbon Trough 700mm Wide X 800mm Deep X 1,750mm Long. With Bottom 150mm Dia Outlet Pedestal Mounted to give 500mm ground clearance. With Hand Operated Slide Valve. Packed Gland. 7.5 kW approx  36 rpm Drive.

Overall Size 3,300mm X 1,400mm X 1,700mm Tall.

Item Ref: N10797-10
800L S/S Pressindustria U Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel U Trough Mixer Blender with continuous outer and inner Ribbon Blade. Trough size 770mm Wide X 1,800mm Long X 900mm Deep with 400mm dia center outlet with Butterfly Outlet Valve. 7.5 kW 35 rpm  Gear drive mounted on mild steel frame to give 700mm ground clearance.          
Overall size 2,800mm X 1,400mm X 2,100mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9953-10
800 L S/S Jacketed U-Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel U-Trough Mixer Blender with Mild Steel Outer Jacket.  Internal Chamber 740 mm Wide X 1,780 mm Long X 910 mm Deep with Interrupted Ribbon Agitator.  Currently Fitted with Fat Melting Grid Lid. 7.5 kW 28 Rpm Gear Drive Motor Mounted on M/S Frame to give 900 mm Ground Clearance.  Outlet 150 Sq. mm.
Item Ref: N7501-10
1,000L Gardam S/S U-Trough Mixer 7.5 kW
Stainless Steel U Trough Mixer Blender 760 mm.Wide 800 mm.Deep 2,440 mm.Long.  With Interrupted Ribbon Blades, 140 mm.Dia  Outlet opposite end to drive.  Driven by 7.5 kW 35 Rpm Drive.
Item Ref: N8443-10
1,000L Gardner S/S U-Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel U Trough Mixer Blender Gardiner Mixer Model H Series 800 Stainless Steel Interrupted Ribbon fitted with Bottom 200 mm outlet. 2,340 mm Long X 800 mm Wide X 850 mm Deep.  Mounted on Mild Steel Frame to give approx. 860 mm Ground Clearance.  Fitted with 7.5 kW 24 Rpm Drive.  Overall Size 3,670 mm X 990 mm X 2,000 mm Tall.
Item Ref: N10481-10
1,000L American Process Forberg Twin Shafted S/S Mixer Model FZM-70
Stainless Steel 304 grade chamber about 1,830mm x 2,160mm x 1,525mm with air operated bomb doors 310mm x 1,800mm bolt on lid to 430mm dia 150mm dia, 100mm dia 325mm x 325mm inlet, with a 37 kW geared drive 23 rpm 
Item Ref: ND-11880-10
1,000 L American Process Forberg Twin Shafted S/S Mixer Model FZM-70
Stainless Steel 304 grade chamber about 2,200mm x 1,860mm x 1,780mm with 250mm dia outlets with air operated valve. Bolt on lid to 1,015mm x 800mm hinged cover and 760mm x 610mm hinged cover. With a 30 kW geared drive 29.95 to 1 ratio. 
Item Ref: ND-11881-10
1,000 L S/S Winkworth U Trough Mixer Type FU 32 SS
Stainless Steel U trough mixer with  interrupted ribbon blade chamber 820 mm Wide x 2,350 mm Long x 980 mm tall with  centre discharge, with 15 kw 24 rpm geared drive motor overall sizer 4,000 mm x 1300 mm x 2,100 mm tall. Type FU 32 SS Number 4550

Item Ref: ND-12581-10
1,300L S/S U-Trough Ribbon Mixer
Stainless Steel U Trough Mixer Blender with U Trough Internal Size 860 mm Wide X 920 mm Deep X 2,270 mm Long with approx. 15 Hp Drive Mounted on Mild Steel Frame.
Item Ref: RC763-10
1500L Millson S/S Jktd U Trough Mixer
Stainless Steel U Trough Mixer Blender With Outer Mild Steel Jacket. U Trough Chamber 760mm X 850mmdeep X 3320mm Long With Interrupted Ribbon Blade With End Discharge 200mm Dia. S/S Lid Hinged In 3 Seactions Mounted On Mild Steel Frame To Give 850mm Ground Clearance With 15Kw 30 Rpm Geared Drive. Overall Size 1900mm X 5500mm X 2700mm.
Item Ref: N9464-10
1,500 L Bead Twin Ribbon S/S Mixer
Stainless Steel U Trough Mixer Blender with Continuous Ribbon Blade 700 mm Dia. Trough size 1,450 X 1,000 X 2,000 mm.Long.  2 Off 150 mm Dia Outlets.  On S/S Legs giving 700 mm ground clearance.  2 X 2 Speed Geared Drives 11 kW & 5.5 kW 30/15 Rpm.  Overall size 1.6 X 3.5 X 1.2 Mt. 
Item Ref: N8414-10