Lab Testing Measurement Viscometer

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Erichsen Model 302/2 Viscometer 1 Ph.
Item Ref: N8673-51
Brookfield Digital Viscometer Model HADV-II - Pro

1 Ph 230V 22W. Range 200-26 MCP (mPa-s).  3 to 100 rpm.  Number of increments 18.  Mounted on raise/lower stand to suit beaker. (Spindle kit required not included).

second unit is model HBDV - II - Pro

Item Ref: N10707-51
5L Brookfield Viscometer Bath TC502D
Stainless steel chamber 300mm x 150mm x 150mm deep. Temp range 40 deg.c to 200 deg.c.  Pump 16 lpm.  Overall size 400mm x 400mm x 400mm.
Item Ref: N10710-51
Ferranti Viscometer Mod-Mvcylinder Set
Ferranti Viscometer Model Mv Nominal Fsd 60Gm.Cm 1 Ph Electric Supply To Be Supplied With Cylinder Kit To Give A Shear Range Of 8.73 To 133.8 With Multiplying Factor [ Scale In Poises] Of 0.316 To 1.231 Dial Range 0 To 100 All Supplied In Leather Bound Storage Box.
Item Ref: N9405-51
Sheen Roto Thinner 200/250 Gel Tester
Range 0 To 340 Poise. Stand Mounted Unit. 1 Ph Drive With Rotor Ball Test Head
Item Ref: N10061-51
Townson Mercer -70 Viscosity Bath
For Determination Of Kinematic Viscosity At Low Temperatures With 200mmdia X450mm Dry Ice Flask Chamber Liquid Circulator Unit Has Two 70mm Top Connection For Product Overall Dimensions 370 X 620 X 750 mmtall.
Item Ref: S9172-51